Mistakes to Avoid When Unclogging Severely Blocked Kitchen Drains

Unclogging a sink doesn’t need professional help; you can surely do it yourself. But, there are many common mistakes that individuals make when unclogging a drain.

Knowing how to unclog a drain can save you lots of money and time while making you feel self-sufficient. However, not every clogged drain is easy to clean. If the gunk is deeply embedded into your kitchen drains, you need professional help to get rid of it. However, here are some essential tips to help.

Don’t Add Too Much Water

Most individuals will follow the logic that when something is stuck, you can easily add more water, and it will be fine. In the case of a clogged drain, it’s not the wisest choice to add more water in an attempt to unclog it, regardless of the pressure you’re providing. The chances are that the clog cannot be fixed this way and requires more probing and planning.

This method of trying to unclog the drain can leave you with a bigger and waterier mess than you started with.

Not Paying Attention to the Stopper

This tiny device plays an integral role in keeping the sink together. If you find that there’s a lot of water stuck in your sink, then you can look into the stopper or wire strainer and use a wire to remove any unnecessary items that could’ve been causing the blockage.

Using too Much Force

Again, a common misconception is that more pressure means that the sink gets unclogged, but that’s not true at all. It is not the pressure that helps a clogged drain but the maneuvering of tools. Pulling very hard on the drain will leave you with a sore arm and running your kitchen or bathroom sink.

Don’t Use Chemicals!

Chemicals will not liquefy your clogged drain and make it better instantaneously. This is more harmful to your pipes because you don’t know how the chemicals react with the pipes. Don’t use random chemicals to try and get the clogged parts out.

Also, be careful because such liquids are toxic and should not be used to clean areas that all family members commonly use. Only used specified drain cleaners that are nontoxic.

Don’t Improvise

While most of the things used in keeping up the house are DIY, don’t mimic that mindset for unclogging drains. Don’t stick anything and everything you think will help you unclog the drain like wire, wood, etc. There are specific brushes and methods by which you can unclog the drain at ease.

Don’t Forget To Use Snake Wires

Snake wires are tools made specifically for unclogging drains, and therefore, it would seem a waste not to use them when such a situation arises. Snakes for drains are commonly known and can be found in local stores near you.

Don’t Remove Random Pipes

It is not time for you to play plumber, so do not try to alter the sink layout but removing pipes, etc. You may make a mistake that cannot be taken back and will end up costing more than you hoped for.

If your clogged drain gets to a level where you alone cannot get rid of it, ask for professional help from your local plumber.

While the plumber will take care of your drain, it’s also good to observe what they are doing and understand how to unclog a drain and handle the situation yourself the next time.

Not Using Baking Soda and Vinegar

Among the remedies for a clogged drain, using this combination will work well.  A slurry of baking soda and vinegar can help control the clog and eventually dry it out and let the water flow again.

Don’t Use Cold Water

If your clog is relatively small and not too much, you can use hot water to try and unclog the drain. Using cold water can prove to be ineffective. Slowly pour the hot water into the drain and see if it is being absorbed or staying.

Even if the water doesn’t go immediately, give it 2-3 minutes for the hot water to take effect and make the clogged particles soggy. Eventually, the particles will melt with the hot water, and the drain will be unclogged.

Don’t Use Cloth or Other Apparel to Unclog the Drain

Sticking a cloth down the drain will not soak up the water or the clogged particles, so it’s best to avoid this. By putting in a cloth, you are more likely to get that also stuck inside the drain. The same goes with paper towels or napkins; these are materials that will easily get trapped inside the sink. Avoid these at all costs.

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Guide for choosing residential pest control in Boise

Some jobs are best left to professionals, and pest control is definitely one of them. Roaches, ants, rodents, mice, bedbugs, termites – Pests are creepy and disgusting at once, and it makes sense to call a company specializing in pest control. If you look for options in Boise, you will find names like Barrier Pest Control that have been around for years. For your help, below is a small guide on how to find the right pest control company in your area. 

Make a shortlist

Ask friends, family members and neighbors if they have tried and used local pest control services. References are always handy when you need to find reliable home-related services. A quick search on Google can also help in shortlisting a few options. Make sure that you select companies with good reviews. 

Check the response

A professional pest control company knows what it takes to handle a client call. If an exterminator takes too long to respond, don’t wait for long. Ideally, a good service will respond within a few hours, send their pest control experts for an inspection, and offer a clear estimate once the inspection is done. 

Ask questions

As a new and prospective client, you need to ask questions that are relevant to the pest control industry, such as – 

  1. How long have you been offering pest control services in Boise?
  2. Do you have an in-house team of experts? 
  3. Do you have an entomologist on the payroll?
  4. Do you have liability insurance?
  5. Are your pest control teams bonded and insured?
  6. Do you offer warranties on the job?
  7. Can you share a few references?
  8. What’s included in the estimate?
  9. Can you share a sample contract? 

Keep in mind that many pest-control companies do not have the expertise and merely pass contracts to subcontractors for a commission. Ensure that the exterminator has a physical address, and when you compare the estimates, check details related to products and methods. Many pest control services will offer extended warranties on the work done, and if they can help with an annual maintenance contract, that’s always and advantage. 

Some products used for pest control often are not safe for other pets and animals. Ask in advance about the methods used by the exterminator, especially if you have kids, pets, and older people at home. It is wise to find a service that mitigates environmental impact of their pest control work, because it concerns each one of us. 

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How to Decorate Your Home on a Budget – 10 Ideas for Getting that Chic, Classy Look for Less!

Having a beautiful home doesn’t need to cost a fortune. There are lots of ways to give your home a brand new look without breaking the bank. Quite often, some of the simplest solutions are the ones that will have the biggest impact on the look of your home. So, here are ten top tips that you can use whether you are looking to redesign your kitchen, bathroom, lounge or bedroom:

Add Some Colour to Your Walls

At a time when the current trend seems to be to improve not move, giving your home a new coat of paint is a simple and inexpensive way to give any space a new lease of life. Irrespective of whether you are looking to make a statement with a feature wall or a stylish two-tone design, you can give your home a stylish new appearance.

Before starting, maybe have a look at some interior design magazines to get an idea of the latest colour trends. You will find there are a wide range of colours in both gloss and interior emulsions that will instantly spruce up any room in your home.

Rethink What is Already There

It costs nothing to have a look at what you already have and maybe move a few things around. Sometimes, casting an eye over existing furniture will persuade you to get rid of some tired-looking pieces that are cluttering up a room. Something to think about: is everything in there really needed? The old adage ‘less is more’ can be successfully applied to many renovations. So, let’s think about getting rid of those unnecessary items for good.

Choose Your Lighting Wisely

Having the correct lighting can help transform the mood of any room at the flick of a switch and for very little cost. Why not try a new shade for your lamp, or maybe, if you have mismatched table lamps, replace them with elegant matching ones? Another thing to consider is placing lamps in a way that gives your room a touch of symmetry. Whilst such touches may seem relatively inconsequential, you will be amazed at how much difference they make.

Update Your Cushions and Throws

Finances a bit tight and won’t run to a new sofa? One way to update your existing sofa is introducing new cushions and throws. There are numerous affordable and fashionable cushions that will give your sofa a chic new look without hitting you hard in the pocket. Try and find designs that suit your style and in terms of colour, maybe match them with the palette you have chosen for your walls and floors.

Build Your Own Headboard

One way to give your bedroom an instant boost is to design and make your own headboard. Now for those of us who are not DIY-savvy, this may seem a scary prospect. However in reality, it is quite simple. Another idea is to reupholster an existing headboard in a fabric that matches your existing cushions and throws. This simple update will make a difference and give your bedroom a chic and elegant look.

Add Light with Mirrors

Mirrors are a very cost-effective alternative to expensive works of art. They can be used to add light to walls, and by mixing and matching different styles, you can give any room a feeling of elegance. By using mirrors effectively, you will also be able to give smaller rooms a feeling of space and increased light.

Restore and Renew

Instead of splashing out on new furniture, how about updating what is already there? For example, think about recovering your favourite chair in a new fabric. Or, if splashing out on a new kitchen is cost prohibitive, how about repainting your kitchen doors? By restoring what is already there, you can get that stylish new look at a significantly reduced cost.

Transform a Window

You can create a focal point in any room without overspending by updating your windows. By adding a Roller or Roman blind, you can enhance the look of your living space. Adding window film is a cheap and cheerful way to make a difference to any room. It will give you privacy without blocking out any light and it can be changed if you get tired of it without leaving a mark.

Enliven Your Home with Artwork

There are lots of cheap and affordable options when it comes to wall art. It is often better to choose pre-framed art as this avoids nasty surprises at a later date. If you do choose unframed prints, try and make sure they fit standard frame sizes. Another way to improve the look of an old frame is to repaint it in colours matching your chosen colour scheme.

Put Down New Flooring

There are lots of options for updating your flooring on a budget. Vinyl flooring instead of tiles is a cheaper yet still attractive option, while laminate flooring can be used to great effect in a lounge. Monochrome designs are particularly popular at the moment, and they give you lots of flexibility when it comes to colour schemes.

 Thanks for Reading – Happy Decorating

We hope you enjoyed our latest article and now have plenty of inspiration for how to decorate your home without breaking the bank. No matter what you decide, we wish you the best of luck with your project!

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5 tips to choose the best natural stone sinks for a home

This article covers essential knowledge on natural stone sinks. Ever wondered whether these unique vessel would fit to your home decoration? Find out which one would be most suitable for your bathroom.

5 tips to choose the best natural stone sinks for a home

Natural stone sinks are trending unique pieces of bathroom equipment that cater not only to luxurious resorts and wellness centers, but also to private households that just need something special. In this article we will help you to find a perfect stone basin that will totally change the vibe of your bathroom.

All of the described sinks you can find on the website:

1.  Are you looking for a rustic design?

If the answer is yes, then the best choice would be rock sinks from our River Stone collection. This collection is by far the best selling one. River Stone sinks are made from basalt boulder retrieved from Indonesian rivers and then transformed into state-of-art countertop bathroom stone sinks. Also available in the freestanding version known as Solid Pedestal.

2. Do you need something royal?

In that case, the first choice would be Onyx basins. This collection is made of translucent sunset onyx, which means it can be illuminated by light for an astounding effect. They are a perfect match for dark bathrooms, but the sky’s the limit here, really.

3. Are you keen on minimalism?

If you find the beauty in simple yet powerful ideas, then your go-to stone sinks are the ones made from Marble. There are two collections – modern and classic. Modern is designed entirely by our team, while the classic refers to the models that have been in business for a long time.

4. Are you looking for something extraordinary?

The jurassic stone sinks collection might be something you are looking for. Their exterior is rough, just like the jurrasic period of the Earth. It will definitely not fit into every bathroom interior, but once it does it really does a great job.

Stone sinks are solid because their forming process took millions of years.

5. Would you like your sink to be solid?

Purchase any natural stone sinks. These pieces of equipment experienced enormous pressure and temperature in the course of millions of years, needless to say they are more than prepared to keep it up.

Stone sinks are great not only because they contribute to the aesthetics of an interior. They also contribute to the
global sustainable development strategy. Their production process is friendly for the environment, and we only deliver them in bulk quantities to allow them to replace artificial cermic sinks and reduce the carbon footprint as much as possible. All that in the spirit of ethical work environment in our factory.
We hope you will join all of us, employees, customers and nature, who benefit from these unique products!

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10 Smart Renovation Projects to Enhance Your Home

Many homeowners would like to get more out of their abode, whether their motivation is to enjoy a higher standard of living, or boost their home’s value with a view to selling. Whether your home is relatively small, or you have a little more space to play with, making a few well thought-out improvements can really elevate your living space to the next level.

Are you looking for inspiration on how to improve your home? We’ve curated a list with 10 of our favourite home renovation projects.

Replace Your Windows

Tired, worn or faded windows can make any home appear drab and dated. Older, inefficient windows often contribute to heat loss. The majority of today’s windows use double-glazing technology and provide far superior insulation when compared to their predecessors. They’re energy efficient, allowing you to make savings on your energy bills.

If you buy new windows for your home, you’ll also have an extensive choice of styles and designs – and there are options available to suit every budget.

Choose the Right Blinds or Curtains

Whether or not you decide to upgrade your windows, dressing them with contemporary blinds or curtains can improve their look – and give your home’s saleability a boost too!

Minimalist curtains are currently in fashion – and it’s looking like they’ll remain so for some time. Wave curtains and Roman blinds are popular contemporary looks. Consider your home’s existing decor and remember the phrase ‘less is more’ and you shouldn’t go too far wrong!

Change Up Your Door Furniture

Replacing your doors can be an expensive undertaking, but simply replacing worn door furniture (i.e. handles, door knockers and letterboxes) can often take the years off. For the full age-defying effect, repaint your doors and remember to choose colours that complement your home’s decor.

So long as your doors are in reasonable condition to start with, you should be able to make them look near new with just a little time and effort.

Upgrade Your Bathroom

There are many ways to improve the look and functionality of your bathroom – and that doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank with an all-new suite. In fact, a few smaller changes such as replacing old water basins, adding a medicine cabinet, replacing the taps and adding a few quirky aquatic-themed ornaments can make a once-tired bathroom look and feel like new!

Rejuvenate Your Kitchen

Although renovating your kitchen is a considered investment, it can provide a significant boost to your home’s aesthetics, utility and value. A modern, stylish kitchen can make dining and meal preparation enjoyable and is also a strong selling point for any prospective buyers.

When refurbishing your kitchen area, you should consider how to make the most of the natural light and which appliances would best suit your needs (and fit your kitchen layout). If you choose to redecorate, consider using bright, light or neutral colours to avoid the drab, dingy look associated with many of the kitchens of yesteryear.

Add Under-stair Storage

If your home features a staircase, make sure you take advantage of the potential storage space it provides. Installing under-stair shelves, drawers and cupboards can help you save space and make your home appear that much more spacious.

You can utilise the space under your staircase to store toys, coats, books – or virtually anything that would usually clutter up your home. What’s more, under-stair storage can be installed for a relatively modest investment and is a great selling point for any prospective buyers seeking a hassle-free living space.

Convert Your Loft Space

If your property has loft space, make sure you use it to its full effect. Your loft could be converted into a home gym, music studio, recreation room – or even a guest bedroom. The possibilities are practically endless. The addition of a Velux window to take advantage of the natural sunlight can make a dingy loft space appear bright and inviting. Decorating the walls in bright, light or neutral colours can complete the effect.

Create an Al Fresco Dining Area

A well-appointed patio or decking area can add character and utility to almost any garden space. Invest in a barbecue, a table and chair set (and perhaps a picnic bench) and you’ll be ready to embrace al fresco cooking and dining.

If you really want to step things up, why not treat yourself to a wood-fired pizza oven, or a custom-made home bar? Remember, you can enjoy these amenities all year long. A patio heater can help make the evenings a little more cozy during the autumn and winter months.

Build a Garden Office

With the ‘work from home’ age well underway, garden offices are now highly sought after by today’s professionals. The decision to have a garden office built should be carefully considered (the project will typically set you back between £5,000-20,000). However, spend this money wisely and you can create a modern, roomy, comfortable office that suits your personal working requirements.

A separate garden office provides many home workers with a much-needed retreat from the lively (or loud) family home where they can work without distraction!


Our final project costs next to nothing where materials are concerned (you’ll just need to stock up on bin bags). It just might cost you a fair chunk of your time, depending on the state of your home! That’s right, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and prepare for a good old cleanout. Bag up and bin anything that is no longer of value or use to you.

Who knows, you may even unearth a hidden treasure or two, which can be sold on for a nice profit. When you’ve finished decluttering, we think you’ll agree it was worth all the effort. Simply getting rid of a few years’ worth of clutter can be transformative!

Thank You for Reading and Happy Renovating!

We hope you found our latest article useful and now have plenty of ideas for how to renovate your home. No matter what you decide to do, we wish you the best of luck with your home improvement endeavours.

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Decorating a Space to Support Your Contemporary Lifestyle

What is contemporary? As per the dictionary, it is something that is occurring at present. By contemporary lifestyle, we can then safely presume a lifestyle that conforms to the current ideas of fashion, design, art, architecture, etc. Understanding this is important, as no matter how you want to portray yourself, you will be judged in the perimeter of time and space.

Talking about spaces, it can be a great medium to capture the person you are, the kind of life that you aspire to lead, and so on. Whether it’s a business space or your private areas at home, you can utilize contemporary design thinking to furnish it and show your style. You have to learn the rules of the game to have a chance of winning; so, we have put together a few ideas to set you on your way.

Design the Space Before the Furniture

Some may argue that designing furniture is more complicated than pondering about a space. Then again, several prestigious manufacturers like Poliform already offers an incredible catalogue of contemporary furniture. It means that if you can design the area, there would be no shortage of suitable furniture to fill it. Modern interior design also focuses on leaving as much space empty as possible, with minimal furniture providing the final touch.

To design a space, you can begin by taking appropriate measurements. You should also consider the sources of natural lights, the electric points, the walls, and the kind of building you have. Also, make sure to design every area to create a harmonious space. Finally, align the reality with your everyday purposes, and you will be all set for the next step.

Choose Innovative Structure with Soothing Colours

The second step is where the fun begins, as you would be browsing through beautiful furniture and catalogues to find your preferred ones. While you can do half the work by finding the right Italian furniture brand, the other half would require some work. Among the many concepts, try to find something that is universal and modern at the same time. A twist in a classic design may also add a certain elegance to your environment.

Above all, though, make sure you remain minimal in your overall approach as contemporary philosophies champion basic, clutterless, and understated structure. Similarly, soothing and natural colours dominate the trends as they seem to have a hugely positive impact on the resident’s mental well-being.

Choose Modular and Multi-purpose Furniture

Whether you are new to the minimalist lifestyle or enjoy having a few options, you can take advantage of the modular design philosophy popular in contemporary living. That way, you will be able to add to your space as your need grows over time. As modular furniture tends to be inherently multi-functional, it will also offer you multiple options. A footstool with an auxiliary tray cap, for example, can remove your need to invest in two items – an essential doctrine of a contemporary lifestyle.

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Dos & Don’t When You Paint in The Cold

Looking forward to modifying your exterior surfaces but unsure about the best weather conditions for painting? Continue scrolling the page and get to know about professional steps on cold weather painting.

Winter is considered to be the good weather for painting your exterior surfaces; however, carry out this process when the temperature drops are not as simple as it seems to be.

But don’t worry about it. If you wish to paint your home during this time, then just keep certain important things in mind and gives your property a visually appealing look in no time.

Without further ado, let’s get started!!

1. Add Anti-Freeze Paint Additive For Smooth Application

Cold weather generally refers to the temperature goes does below 50 Fahrenheit, which produces a negative impact on the paint and paint applications. Oil-based and Alkyl paints become thicker at lower temperatures and it is difficult to apply them on the surfaces.

Water-based or latex paints are susceptible to freezing in cold weather conditions. To prevent this situation, you can simply mix freeze resistance with the paint additive. Both oil-based and water-based paints are formulated manually to cure within the specific range of temperature.

However, you are advised not to use the paint below that range; otherwise, it causes several other issues like Poor coverage, cracking, low sheen, color inconsistency, and a lot more.

2. Never Apply The second Coat of Paint Too Early

No matter whether you are a newbie or a causal pro, you might know the importance of re-coating. Cold weather slows down the drying time of both oil and water-based paints which in turn expands the re-coat time.

For example, if you are carrying out the process during the ideal weather conditions for painting i.e. at 75 degrees F, then you can easily recoat after 4 hours but if you are painting when the temperature is less than 50-degree F, then the recoat time extended and you can repaint after 6 hours or so.

In order to prevent further issues, you need to seek the advice of professional painters and avoid the hassle.

3. Choose the best paint for cold weather

Painting in cold weather isn’t restricted and you can simply execute this process without thinking much; however, you should make the appropriate choice when it comes to choosing the paint.

Your selected option must go well with the weather conditions and specially formulated for the cold weather. Paint manufacturers offer a different range of paints that are ideal to use in lower temperatures. Look, a paint which is designed for the cold weather is way more suitable and good the standard option.

Along with the paint, you are advised to go for the ideal brushes that can make your task easy and effortless. Use relatively stiff brushes with nylon, polyester, or Cihinex bristles. These work well with thicker paint and complete your task in no time.

The Final Note

Painting, especially in cold weather conditions, is not an easy feat. Therefore, keep these professional tips into account and schedule this process accordingly.

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Steel Roofs Are High-Quality Roofs

People usually get metallic roofs if they decide against getting asphalt shingle roofs. These two roof types tend to be more widely used than many others. Metallic roofs are often specifically constructed using steel and similar materials.

Steel Roofing

The people who get metallic roofs of any kind installed will usually specifically care about just how long these roofs are going to last. Replacing or repairing any roof can be time-consuming, costly, and frustrating. Just by getting metallic roofs installed, people might be able to successfully avoid all of those difficulties for entire decades.

There are metallic roofs that have lasted for a full seven decades, which won’t be the case for most other types of roofs. Steel roofs require at least some care, but the maintenance procedures for steel roofs are still fairly basic. People who get a steel roof installed over a residential or corporate building really may never have to get another roof put into place again.

A high-quality steel roof can function as something of an investment, especially since a lot of other people will also like steel roofs just as much. A house that has a steel roof might be more likely to get purchased in the future, especially if the steel roof was just installed.

Since steel roofs can be in use for so long, people will probably end up selling their homes at some point after the roof was installed. People might remodel their bathrooms several times before selling their homes, but the metallic roof that’s put into place is probably the one that’s still going to be there when the house is for sale. People are even more aware today of problems like dangerous mold, making steel roofs even better.

Roof Hazards

People often worry about the issues that can develop in almost any house over the years, including mildew and mold. They might try to make sure that they get their homes inspected fairly regularly in order to detect these sorts of problems before they really become severe, but these problems can still present themselves unexpectedly.

In some cases, a mold problem can start to take shape after a simple accident involving water or a random storm. People might not notice it until the mold starts to really spread. At that point, fixing the mold issue will probably be costly. People might have to invest in some relatively expensive repairs.

In the meantime, they’ll still be living in an environment that has mold, which can have a very negative effect on the indoor air quality of any building. The people who have steel roofs may never have to be concerned with any of these toxins, because the steel roofs will keep away moisture.

The people who work with metal roofing services when having roofs installed will have roofs that are more or less inherently resistant to problems like mildew and damaging mold. These steel roofs aren’t going to suddenly have issues involving a lot of accumulated moisture, because they really don’t work like that.

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Why You Should Hire a Professional

Your home should be a place of safety and relaxation, somewhere you can go to relax and rest. Regular maintenance and care for your home and sounding properly is key for a comfortable living experience. Part of proper home upkeep is pest management and hiring professionals if you notice any issues. With the abundance of commercially available pest control products, the idea to approach your pest control needs as a DIY project is common, but it may not always the best solution. Hiring a professional provides many advantages such as the following.

Reasons To Hire Professional Pest Control 

  • Professional Care and Experience: when your home needs a new roof you go to a respected roofer and when you need pest control you should also use a professional pest control company. When it comes to your home you want to know its good hands and hiring a professional means you can trust the work that is being done.
  • Pest Identification: when it comes to pest issues there are numerous different types of incests and animals that infest homes. A professional pest control company can identify what type of pest you have and the best methods for dealing with the issue.
  • Time-Saving: if you’ve ever done a DIY project you know that it never goes as fast as you think it should. Pest infestations are stressful, and you want the problem solved as soon as possible. A pro will handle your pest control needs quickly and efficiently.
  • Safety: there are many types of chemicals used in pest control and not all of them are safe for every situation. For example, if you have young children or pets certain types of pest treatments can be hazardous. Luckily, there exist many eco-friendly alternatives and a professional will know exactly the best methods to use to do the job and ensure your family’s safety.
  • You Know It’s Done Right: finally, one of the most important reasons to hire a professional is that you know the work will be done properly. Some types of pests are very hard to get rid of and require specialized methods that a professional can provide.

Final Thoughts

A pest issue should never be ignored as that just makes the problem worse over the long term. If you see any signs of a pest infestation such as damage to your property, droppings, strange smells, or hear odd noises you should contact a professional as soon as possible.

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3 Signs You Have Termites in Your House

Termites cause more than $5 billion in property damage each year. For example, they can chew through walls, floors, support beams, and ceiling joists, all of which can have devastating consequences.

That’s why you want to act right away if there’s an infestation.

Want to learn more? Wondering whether or not you have termites in the house? If so, you’re at the right place.

We’ll be going over a few common signs you have termites below. Find out what they are by reading the rest of the post!

  1. Discarded Wings

Termites that are capable of reproducing will develop wings. Once they’re mature, they’ll leave the nest to find a suitable mate. Following a successful mating flight, they’ll shed their wings, which are no longer needed, and form a new colony.

Call termite removal services right away if you notice any wings as it likely indicates an infestation. For example, you might find them on window sills or other open areas. You may also notice them in cobwebs or spiderwebs.

Appearance-wise, they’re white, almost a translucent color, with veins in the center.

  1. Head Banging or Chewing Noises

Termites will bang their heads against the wall when disturbed or threatened. These clicking sounds are used to alert the rest of the colony of danger (they can detect vibrations with their antennae); you may notice them if you place an ear against the wall.

Not only that, but you may also be able to hear chewing noises as they eat through the wood—this is especially true if they’re feeding near the surface. Generally speaking, the more termites there are, the more noticeable the sound will be.

With that said, a room will need to be completely quiet for you to hear the sounds.

  1. Mud Tubes

Where do termites come from? It depends, but you’ll usually find them in places where wood, soil, and moisture are present. To access their food source, they’ll build mud tubes, which will also protect them from predators and the open air.

These pencil-thin tunnels are usually found near the foundations of homes. Made of wood, dirt, and termite saliva, they’re fairly easy to spot with the naked eye.

In some cases, you may find a mud tube that’s no longer active. To test for activity, break off a center section of the tunnel, leaving the front and back intact. You’ll know that it’s active if the mid-section is repaired within a few days.

Common Signs You Have Termites

And there you have it—three signs you have termites in the house. Remember, the sooner you deal with them, the better. You don’t want to procrastinate when it comes to getting rid of termites as they can end up destroying your home!

Did you find this article helpful? For more content like this, visit the rest of our home improvement section!