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5 Pro Tips for Controlling Weeds in Your Yard

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Are you shocked that the average American spends 32 hours on yard work each month?

If you have a busy schedule, then the last thing you may feel like doing is spending your precious free time working outside in the heat. From mowing the lawn to trimming the shrubs and mulching, the list never seems to end for people who want to maintain a pretty lawn.

One of the most dreaded yard tasks is controlling weeds since these battles can be intense. Keep reading if you want to arm yourself with five of the best weed control tips out there.

1. Consider Weeding by Hand or Use a Tool

Some people find gardening therapeutic. If you fall into this category, then you may enjoy spending some time pulling out some weeds.

Anyone who wants to get this job done even faster can invest in a weeding tool that does all the heavy lifting for you. Whether you go by hand or with a tool, make sure you pull the weeds out by the root so they don’t regrow.

2. Pour Boiling Water on Any Weed

Plants often require delicate conditions to grow and weeds are no different. A simple way that you can shock them is to pour boiling water on top of them.

This sudden shift in temperature will be drastic enough to kill them. You may have to go out a couple of times over the weeks to catch any remaining stragglers.

3. Pile on the Mulch to Kill Weeds

If you use mulch to help your plants grow, then you may be scratching your head at this suggestion. As strange as it may sound, anyone can use mulch to kill weeds in their yard.

The key to making this work is to pile a thick layer of mulch on top of the weeds. This will block the sun and prevent them from growing and spreading.

4. Salt Is Great for Controlling Weeds

Weeds need lots of water to thrive. While it can be difficult to control the rain and sprinklers, you do have an ingredient on hand that can dehydrate your weeds.

Pouring salt on your weeds will draw out all the moisture from the weeds and make them shrivel up and die.

5. Invest in Professional Weed Control

If you don’t want to spend time on yard work or you want quick results, then you should hire an outstanding landscaping company like Heartland Turf & Landscape.

With their tools and knowledge, you’ll be able to enjoy having the nicest lawn in the entire neighborhood.

These Tips for Controlling Weeds Will Keep Your Lawn Beautiful

Controlling weeds may sound like an impossible feat, but now you know that positive results are possible. By using this guide on how to control weeds, you can choose the best option for your unique preferences.

Once your lawn is lush and gorgeous, you should turn your attention inside. Could you use some inspiration to give the rest of your home a makeover? Read our blog for more tips.


Advantages of artificial turf

Nowadays, many people are opting for artificial grass to address their lawn woes. The benefits of artificial turf such as one from artificial grass Austin-located, outweigh its initial cost since it saves many hours and money required for maintenance. The following are some benefits of artificial turf.

No need to water

A real lawn normally needs regular watering late at night and early in the morning, while artificial turf requires no water. The time that artificial grass requires water is only when one wants to clean it.

Less maintenance

Though you will never require to mow your artificial lawn, you still need to do some maintenance. You can get rid of large organic objects using a leaf blower and a natural bristle broom to fluff areas that receive a lot of traffic. Occasionally you may need water to clean tough debris. If you do not have a dog, you might not require regular cleaning.

Safe for children

Since artificial grass does not require weed killers, pesticides, fertilizers, or other chemicals, it is usually safe for children to play on. That is the reason why several cities are turning to artificial turf in public spaces.


After the successful installation of your artificial grass, you are free from tiring maintenance. The turf will withstand tear and wear for quite a several years. The materials used in the manufacture of synthetic turf are such that they can withstand weather changes, all climates, and traffic. The lawn does not lose its color due to ultraviolet ray exposure.

No need to mow

Many people despise this mowing, but it is a burden that you have to put up with a natural lawn. With artificial turf, you will not require a mower. Artificial grass does not grow; thus, you can spend all the time on the turf with family, friends, and pets.

No pesticides or fertilizers

Artificial turf stays green and lush with no chemical help. And since the material doesn’t provide food and shelter for pests, there is no need for pesticides. The absence of fertilizers and pesticides does not only save money but is also good for the environment.

Good for your dogs

Dogs usually love to play on the lawn. One advantage of artificial lawns for dog owners is that these pets will not be able to dig holes on the property.

Always look great

Artificial grass can withstand all weather conditions, cold or hot. It remains green and resembles a real lawn. Additionally, the areas of your lawn that receive the most traffic require minimal attention to keep it looking new.

Never deal with weeds

The issue of weeds is one of the largest challenges with natural lawns. Many weeds invade a natural turf. Control of weeds is an entire job on its own and can take up much of your money and time. However, with artificial grass, weeds will not be an issue. You might have to pull them occasionally, but their prevalence is far less with an artificial lawn.


5 Basic Landscaping Tips and Tricks for Homeowners

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When you drive up to your home, how does its outward appearance make you feel? Do you feel a sense of pride in your outdoor space? Or is it a constant reminder of the various landscaping projects that would boost the look of your home, but that you’ve been putting off?

Many of us spend so much time and energy making improvements to the inside of our homes that we neglect our outdoor spaces. If your yard is in need of some attention, these landscaping tips and tricks will put you on track to being the envy of the neighborhood.

  1. Plan for Year-Round Beauty

One of the best pieces of landscaping advice we can give you is to design your yard with year-round beauty in mind. Yes, you’ll have more color and variation in the spring and summer months, but there should be no time of year when there are no points of interest in your yard.

To do this, you’ll need to do plenty of plant-selection research. Most flowering trees and shrubs bloom in the warmer months, look for additional plants that will provide fall foliage and structure in the cooler half of the year.

  1. Use Hardscape Elements

With year-round interest comes year-round landscaping. And while it’s true that a truly beautiful outdoor space takes work, you can make things easier on yourself by incorporating hardscape elements as well.

For example, you can use beach pebbles for landscaping rather than mulch. Hardscape features are excellent for providing structure in the cooler months, not to mention they provide an attractive contrast to greenery and other natural elements.

  1. Add a Walkway

Speaking of hardscape features, if your yard doesn’t already have a walkway, consider adding one. This can be from your driveway to your front door or your seating area to your back gate, as long as the walkway connects two points of interest, you’re using it correctly.

For the most attractive home landscaping, try to use a material that matches or complements that of the house itself. If your home is made of stone, for instance, a stone walkway is your best bet.

  1. Install a Seating Area

Who doesn’t enjoy sitting in the shade (or the sunshine) while reading a book or chatting with a friend? Spending just a few minutes a day in the fresh air can also do wonders for your mental and physical health.

To encourage yourself and your family to spend more time outside, why not add a seating area? All you need is a bench or a few chairs and some plants or decorative features. For added privacy, consider building this area under a tree or among tall flowers.

  1. Match Flowers With Your Space

Like any living thing, different flowers require different environments to thrive. Because of this, one of the first things you should do when learning how to landscape is to study the environment your yard provides.

Is it full-sun, full-shade, or somewhere in between? Are there certain areas that get more sun than others? How often does it rain? What’s the average temperature?

By getting to know your yard, you’ll be able to match flowers and other plants with your space. This will allow your landscape to flourish.

Improve Your Outdoor Space With These Landscaping Tips and Tricks

When you’re at home, odds are you spend the majority of your time inside. Therefore, the interior of your home gets the most attention. But your outdoor spaces deserve your attention as well!

Investing time and energy into your landscape will not only make you fall even more in love with your home but can also increase your home’s value. By using these landscaping tips and tricks, you can create a yard you can be proud of.

Interested in learning more about designing the outdoor space of your dreams? Take a look at our blog!

Garden Shed

How to Buy a Garden Shed

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One of the best investments that you can make on your property is to install a garden shed. A garden shed is an excellent addition on your property, especially if you have a spacious garden and like doing DIY projects. You can use the garden shed for a variety of purposes, but most people generally prefer keeping their garden equipment and tools inside.

Garden sheds can be made from a variety of different materials, with the most popular ones being:

  • Vinyl
  • Wood
  • Prefabricated materials

If you are interested in buying garden sheds in Petersfield, here are a few tips to help you in making the best purchase.

Find a Suitable Size

The first thing that you need to do is to decide on a suitable size for your garden shed. These sheds are available in all kinds of sizes, so you need to decide on an appropriate one based on your requirements. Bigger sheds are obviously going to cost you more money. Moreover, if you don’t have that much space in the garden, a bigger shed may look out of place.

Read About Different Materials

It’s also important that you read about different materials that are used for building the sheds. This will make it easy for you to figure out the pros and cons of different materials and then make an informed decision. Once you are sure, you can then ask for quotes from local companies and buy the best one. Some companies also offer financing for garden sheds as well.

Tree Consultant 

Best Arborist as a Qualified Tree Consultant 

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As people became more aware of tree services, many people began to build their careers to work in the tree care industry. However, too many of them do not have the necessary knowledge or training and therefore carry out unnecessary tree activities, which unfortunately can hinder their growth and appearance. These people often refer to themselves as arborists. At the same time, they are just trees, without understanding that their uneducated practices and tree owners’ advice can cause problems in the short and long term.

Tips from a Qualified Arborist

Therefore, anyone looking for advice on trees should only consider hiring a qualified arborist Melbourne to provide consultations. Moreover, suppose you take an arborist’s services to carry out the trees’ maintenance during the cutting works. It is recommended to make sure that the professionals have a minimum qualification in arboriculture. If you check online, you can find several organizations that offer free services. You can download a list of the arborist who has the appropriate Australian qualification to perform the necessary tasks. Moreover, all the professionals listed on such websites have the proper insurance to provide adequate coverage.

Some of the suggested questions that should be asked before hiring any of these professionals to work on your trees are proof of qualification, insurance, and references. People who do not have enough knowledge about a tree arborist can go through the definitions mentioned below.

Quality tree services

Arborists are specialists in the care and management of individual trees. They have the necessary knowledge of the trees’ requirements and are trained with the essential understanding of the measures to be taken for their care. Moreover, the decision to hire tree services should not be taken quickly, as proper tree care is considered an investment that can lead to substantial returns. If taken care of in a targeted way, they look attractive and add considerable value to the property. However, if not properly maintained, they can be a significant liability. Also, cutting down trees, especially the largest ones, is a rather dangerous task. Therefore, such studies should only be performed by trained and equipped to work safely on them.

If you are worried about an arborist’s selection criteria, you can follow the guidelines mentioned below.

There are many skill levels in arboriculture. Once completed, as such, there is no ongoing commitment required for the same thing. However, in some organizations, the arborist is obliged to continue his education annually and present evidence for the same.

Most of these professionals must continue their education to declare that their qualification is current while ensuring that the knowledge they have is updated following the latest techniques.

The Internet can be the best option if you are looking for qualified professionals in tree services. Here you can find a list of organizations that deal with providing well-known, experienced, and qualified arborists for any of your tree work.


Simple Tips for Garden Landscaping

If you do not spend an adequate amount of time caring for your garden, it won’t take long before the whole thing gets out of hand. Your garden is the first thing that people are going to notice as they walk up to your place, so it is vitally important that you pay attention and maintain it as much as possible.

Garden landscaping is a commitment that you will have to undertake if you want the place to remain neat and clean. Here are a few simple things that you will have to do to maintain your garden:

  • Mow the lawn
  • Prune the hedges and trim the branches
  • Pick up fallen leaves

If you don’t get the time to carry out landscaping on your own, you should always get in touch with local companies that offer services for garden landscaping in Ilkley. Here are a few tips to help you maintain your garden.

Hire a Landscaper

If you don’t get the time to carry out landscaping by yourself, you should always hire a professional landscaping company to do the job for you. They will send over a gardener to your place to clean up the lawn and mow it properly.

Install a Few Fixtures

Another thing that you should do is install a garden fixture to make the place look more aesthetically appealing. There are several things that you can do, such as install a water fountain or a statue. This will make your garden look much more attractive.

Artificial Turf Over Grass

Why Choose Artificial Turf Over Grass?

Many people forego the conventional grass on the ground and choose to get an artificial turf installed. Installing an artificial turf out in your backyard or your garden is a great idea and will really add a bright aesthetic touch to the place. There are several companies that offer different kinds of turfing solutions, so it’s pretty easy to choose the right one.

If you are interested in installing artificial turf in your yard, some of the best options available to you include:

  • Nylon turf
  • Polyethylene turf
  • Polypropylene turf

Depending on your budget and the area to be covered, the turf cost in Lichfield is going to vary. But, why should you spend this much on the turf? What’s the benefit? Here are a few reasons why artificial turf is so popular nowadays.

Easy to Maintain

One of the biggest advantages that you get for installing artificial turf in your garden is that it is quite easy to maintain. You don’t have to worry about bald patches appearing if you do not water the turf, nor do you have to worry about watching your step so as not to “crush” the grass. It’s very efficient and if you don’t have the time, the artificial turf is a great choice.

Aesthetic Appeal

Another reason why artificial turf is a good choice is because of the aesthetic appeal that it offers. Available in a range of shades and sizes, you can really improve the outlook of your garden with this!

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Dream Garden

Get Your Dream Garden Today

Have you ever dreamed of having the perfect lawn but aren’t sure of how to go about doing it? The answer is easy – hire a landscaping company to help you make your dreams come true. Having the perfect lawn is something many people dream of. However, it can be difficult to customise your lawn or to come up with a unique design on your own. Luckily, there are people dedicated to creating your perfect garden.

Soft Landscaping Versus Hard Landscaping

Soft landscaping is considered to be any work done that includes planting flowers, gazebos, a new turf, and more. Hard landscaping on the other hand, deals with block paving, patios, driveways, and creating new pathways. No matter what work you need done, there are several options for creative landscaping in Leeds. Other services provided by a landscaping company include:

  • Fencing
  • Tree surgery
  • Manned plant hire

No matter what your needs are, you can rest assured that a landscaping company will meet them all.

Why Wait to Get Your Ideal Garden?

You have probably worked hard to get your dream home, so naturally, you want to make sure your garden is just as perfect. It can be tough to landscape on your own, so don’t hesitate to reach out to your local landscaping services today. Before you know it, you’ll be having afternoon tea on your patio while taking in all your fresh flowers. What could be better than that? Your dream garden awaits!


Tree Surgeons Help Make Your Garden More Productive

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Tree surgeons do much more than just chop down trees, so whether your garden is small or large, in the city or out in the middle of nowhere, it is good to know they can be relied on to keep it looking great year after year. Trees are an important part of your garden’s landscape, so it’s important to keep them healthy and strong. The right tree professional offers this service so that you have one less item on your to-do list, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

What Services Do They Provide?

Companies that offer tree felling in Guildford provide other services as well, including:

  • Stump removal and grinding
  • Pruning and shaping of trees
  • Removal of dangerous limbs
  • Crown thinning and reduction
  • Tree planting and basic maintenance

If it involves your trees, these companies can accommodate you, and their services cost much less than you might think.

Taking Care of All Types of Trees

Better still, tree companies can take great care of all types of trees, regardless of their size or species, meaning no job is ever too complex for them. Their second-to-none expertise and knowledge mean you can rely on them for the best advice and the best services so that your trees will look extraordinary year after year. They will even come out regularly to maintain the trees so that you won’t have to do the work yourself, allowing you to concentrate on other household tasks. They are efficient and fast, and their prices for any of these services are a lot less than you might think.


Keep Your Garden Looking Pristine with Border Edging

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Garden upkeep can require meticulous attention to detail, as well as an eye for the details. It’s more than simply planting flowers or herbs and calling it a day. A garden can be the statement piece to your landscape, the thing that you can proudly point to.

Little things, such as garden border edging in Doncaster, can set your garden apart from the others on the block by giving it that little extra something. These little details are what make the difference for a garden, taking it to the next level.

Complete Landscaping Services

A Doncaster landscaping service should be able to offer all of your landscaping needs and a whole plethora of other services. Things such as:

  • Patios
  • Fencing
  • Artificial grass
  • Driveways

Whatever your needs, the proper service will be able to meet them across the board. Getting your landscaping done with the same quality service means consistency across all areas of your property.

Quality and Detailed Service

Most of all, your Doncaster landscaping service should be able to provide quality right down to the last detail. Those small details can make all the difference in the world when it comes to your landscape and leaving them out can have a huge impact.

Go with the best around when choosing landscaping services in Doncaster. Settling for anything less can leave you wanting more out of the services provided and wondering what you could have done differently. Make your garden stand apart from the rest.