5 Types Of Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are almost an integral part of the homes today but in many a home they get ignored for a long time, so far as their cleaning is concerned. This can cause not only dirty looks of the carpet but also can reduce the life of the carpet. An unclean carpet also could harbor a lot of germs which could affect the health of the inmates of the house including the pets. To avoid such a condition it is always advisable to get your carpets cleaned from a professional carpet cleaner that knows the job well and cleans the carpets without damaging it.

  • General Cleaning

The general cleaning of the carpets should be got done at regular intervals so as to keep it looking like new and also to remove any germs that may be harboring in it because of the regular usage or because of the pets. A dry cleaning method is used for the general cleaning because it doesn’t cause any stretching, splitting or shrinking of the carpet. It also reduces the chances of damage to the carpet which may be caused by over wetting of the carpet in the regular methods of cleaning.

  • Cleaning of Water Damaged Carpets

The damaged caused by water is the worst thing that can happen to a carpet. These damages could be caused by a storm, a flood or could be simply caused by the overflowing of a bathtub or a washing machine or may be because of the failure of a water heating system. Whatever may be the cause but it can leave the carpet damaged and stanching because of getting wet. The carpet should be dry cleaned at the earliest in such a case. The technicians of upholstery cleaning from Elite are available round the clock to take care of any such emergency.

  • Removal of Stains from the Carpets

During the regular usage of carpet there is always a possibility of getting some stains because of accidental spillage of food, beverage or some chemical etc. Any stain on the carpet will simply mar its looks, howsoever beautiful it may be. Some of the stains are very stubborn and are very difficult to remove. The special methods and safe products used by the trained professional of this company can remove such stains gently so as to avoid any damage to the carpet in the process.

  • Carpet and Fabric Protection

The life of the carpet can be increased and its beautiful looks can be kept so for a longer time by getting the special carpet protection treatment done from the company which uses the fluoro-chemical technology for this purpose. It creates an invisible barrier on the carpets thereby protecting it in many ways.

  • End of Lease Cleaning

It is very important to get the carpets cleaned from a professional carpet cleaner, who can provide a written receipt and make the carpet spotless, at the time of end of the lease of your carpet so that there is every chance of getting the bond back.

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