Cushions are Secret Weapon That Add Extra Effect to your Décor

One of the finest ways to improve the décor of your living room is by changing your cushions. Although most sofa sets come with cushions attached to it, but that would mean you will have to stick to same colour that blends with your seating. Hence, it is always wise to buy your own cushions and change the covers once every month to bring brightness and colour in life. The kind of colour and pattern selected projects the personality of the home owner.

However, not everyone is creative and therefore they are unable to change the interior of their home. Still, they try their best to get updated with the current trend by exploring the market. Another way of understanding the latest trend is by checking the designs online. Since internet world is quite vast, it isn’t difficult to find cushions online at reasonable rate. Even if you explore just one online site, you will get many patterns from various companies which might not be available at one store.

Here are some buying tips that may help you in future –

  • Identify colour
  • Calculate total cushions needed
  • Mix different size and shape
  • Play with fabric and pattern
  • Organize and decorate

Identify colour

Every individual have their own taste and choice of interior. If some people prefer sober and calm colours, on the other hand some prefer bold and bright patterns with bright colours. No matter what your taste is, you should always ensure that cushions shouldn’t look out of the place while placing them in rooms. Look into the wall colours, furniture and wall hangings to understand which colour would mix well, still outstand. To conclude, the colours should interact and complement each other.

Calculate total cushions needed

Traditional style often has number of cushions as per the number of seats. This has been in trend since decades and there hasn’t been any change to it. Often in houses that have aesthetic interiors keep single cushions in single seat which gives enough space for an individual to sit comfortable and also provides backrest. However, the modern trend says that the seater should have odd figure of cushions too make it look vibrant. For example, if you have three seat sofas, then keep three cushions of same size, but two small cushions as well to make it look different. Hence, decide the amount of cushions you require depending upon the seating arrangement.

Mix sizes and shapes well

As discussed above, if you are keeping odd figures of cushions, then ensure they all aren’t of same size. Keeping same sizes of cushions often look dull and boring. The best way to decorate is by keeping some large cushions and linking them with small cushions of same or different shapes. These small cushions can be set in between two large cushions. Even the pattern can differ, so that both sizes of cushions speak out nicely. If large cushions have block prints, then small cushions should have pastel shades or fancy pattern. However, don’t make it cumbersome by adding different shapes in one place which might not leave enough space for an individual to sit.

Play with fabric and pattern

Colour and size is not the only thing that improves your decor. Different fabric, texture also gives a complete different look to your house. If you select a simple shade, with different texture that too changes complete outlook of your house. For example, setting a velvet material cushion of cushion with fur also look unique and blends will one shade seaters.

Organize and decorate

Arranging cushions is no big deal as long as there is enough space for a person to sit comfortably. On a large sofa you can put two large cushions in the centre and smaller cushions at the end. This way, there will be sufficient space to sit as well the sofa colour also pops out nicely. Don’t overdo by stuffing too many cushions.

There may be endless ways of decorating your house. Getting a comfortable, yet fancy cushion isn’t difficult. You should just know the texture, colour, size and fabric that’s required for the décor and enhance the beauty of the room.

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