Has Your Roof Suddenly Sprung A Leak

When rain water is getting into your roof space, it can cause all sorts of other problems. You may notice the first signs of a leak when you hear the steady drip or pitter-patter of rainfall hitting the ceiling or floor. The good news is that a professional roofer can repair the damage and restore your roof, but it’s not wise to leave it for too long before calling them out to evaluate the damage.

How Does The Rain Get In?

The average roof is exposed to all sorts of weather conditions. Rain, sun, snow, and wind all take a toll on the roof and can open up holes and cracks, and even dislodge tiles. When this occurs, it is an entry point for rain water. Roofers in KT23 can tell all sorts of stories about the problems that rain water can cause to a home, and they will also suggest that it is never a good idea to leave the problem.

When Water Gets Into Your Roof

If rain is getting into your roof, here’s what can happen:

  • Rain water can get into the insulation and ruin it,
  • The water can damage electrical wiring that is in the roof, and may cause short circuits or even a fire,
  • Rain can pool on top of the ceiling and cause a dark and mouldy circle to appear underneath – which is another sure sign there is a roofing problem,
  • The water can wet and weaken the wooden battens that hold up the roof, and may even cause black mould to grow.

If you think you have a hole in the roof that is letting in the rain, don’t hesitate to call a local roofer. Leaving it could lead to more expensive problems!

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