Plumbing Tips: Keep Your Home Safe This Winter

Our plumbing is subject to freezing temperatures during the winter and many problems can occur during this period. Winter is the worst time of the year to run into an issue, during this cold spell, nobody wants their home flooded because of a burst pipe. When it comes to plumbing, there are certain preventative measures we can take to keep our home safe during the winter. Plumbing companies in Ealing suggest taking steps to safeguard your plumbing when the temperature drops. If you need an emergency plumber, make sure you hire a qualified technician for the job.

  • Hire a professional with a first-class reputation
  • Make sure they are licensed and fully qualified
  • Use someone who is transparent about their prices
  • Make sure they provide a detailed account of the work they’ve done
  • Ask them to provide references

Here are some ways to prevent common winter plumbing issues at home.

Turn Off the Pipes

If you don’t turn off the pipes during freezing cold temperatures, the water will freeze, expand and crack the pipes. Make sure you insulate exposed pipes or leave the heating one when you leave the house.

Stopcock Location

You should always know where the water mains are located, just in case you need to shut off the water to your home.

Keep it Warm

If you are away from your home for an extended period during the winter, make sure the heating comes on intermittently to avoid frozen pipes. If the pipes rupture when you’re away, the damage could be enormous.

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