2018’s Top Backyard Design Trends

As the year comes almost to an end, most people expect lots of backyard barbecue invites.

That being said, now is the perfect time to give your outdoor living space a refreshing look.

A backyard should be able to offer an indoor-like feeling. It should be comfortable, fun and entertaining. The following are some of the top backyard design trends for 2018.

Covered Patios

You do not want any disturbance when you are in your outdoor space enjoying nature. Patio covers will protect your family and guests from the rain or even the extreme rays of the sun.

There are various designs of patio covers; glass, natural gardening and wooden.

Innovative Fabrics

Most homeowners limit themselves to Sunbrella fabric when it comes to the outdoor living area. However, there are many innovative fabrics for outdoors from which to choose.

Some fabrics like the polyester Terry cloth are exclusively for outdoor spaces. However, some fabrics can be used for both indoor and outdoor living areas.

Using matching fabric for both indoor and outdoor spaces will give both the areas a seamless connection.


Concrete Download Showbox PC Version is cheap and easy to maintain. It does not limit homeowners to any home setting.

Would you like to have colourful backyard walls? Concrete walls are easy to stain and thus easy to create your desired patterns.

Other than just walls, benches and fire pits can also be cheaply constructed using concrete.

Vertical Gardens

A small outdoor space should not limit homeowners from owning a garden. People are getting creative and finding ways to utilise the small space they have in their backyard.

Dwellers with small spaces for gardening should maximise the available space by practising vertical gardening.

Arbours, gazebos, pergolas, and arches can be used to highlight the depth and height of the garden.

Green Palettes

Green is a perfect palette colour that will always trend. Different shades of green can be used to give an outdoor living area an inviting, warm look.

Green hues such as evergreen and mint will give your backyard a fresh, natural look. Hazelnut palettes are versatile to take you throughout the year.

Climate-Conscious Landscaping

Other than boosting mental and physical wellbeing, a garden in your backyard should have a landscape that is climate-friendly.

Homeowners in areas that are drought-prone can add soothing visual interest in their gardens too by using features that are of low water maintenance.

These features use little water and also recycle the water they initially applied.

Pergola Designs

Backyard fun should never stop regardless of the season. Installing pergolas in your backyard means continuous backyard entertainment come rain or sunshine.

Pergolas can be incorporated with slimline heaters. The slim heaters are designed to blend in with the surrounding decor and thus give the indoor and outdoor living areas a seamless connection.

Fire Pits

Fire pits make backyards accessible during cold seasons. Fire pits are essential in the outdoor living area to keep your guests warm as well as adding ambience to the space.

Most homeowners prefer sunken fire pits since they make a small backyard appear larger than it is.

Other than that, these fire pits are preferred since they attract the people in the outdoor space in a focal area.

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