3 Ways Winter Weather Can Damage Your Home and How to Prevent Them

Winter can be a fun time of year, full of holidays, snow and vacations. However, it can also bring a bit of trouble. Winter storms and harsh weather can negatively affect your home by causing damage to both the interior and exterior. These can require costly repairs, but there are some steps you can take to prevent or minimize the effects of a storm. The following are some disasters you may need to prepare for.

1. Bursting Pipes

When the weather gets colder, your plumbing can be damaged, particularly if your pipes are older and already starting to wear down. Freezing temperatures can cause ice to form in the pipes, resulting in breakage. Luckily, there are several ways to reduce the likelihood of this. Leaving your water running at a low level is an easy way to prevent freezing pipes. You can also add insulation and keep cabinets open to warm pipes inside the house.

2. Broken Windows

Some winter storms can come with strong winds that pick up debris and outdoor items such as light furniture or decorations. If these are blown in the direction of your house, they can cause windows to crack or shatter. They can also cause damage to the siding and other exterior elements of the building. Keeping your yard clean and removing any loose items if you are expecting a storm can lower the chances of window damage.

3. Collapsed Roofing

Snow can be beautiful to look at, but it can be dangerous when it piles up too high. When heavy snow and ice build up on your roof, it can cause it to collapse, especially if there are already damaged areas. Melting snow can also leak into the ceiling underneath, further weakening the structure. Keeping your roof clear of snow can keep this from happening. If you notice that there is a lot of snow on top of your home, clear it off when it is safe to do so. A building health monitoring system can help you determine when the weight of the snow has become too much.

Taking the time to protect your home from winter storm damage can reduce stress and keep your winter season feeling jolly. There are many ways to keep your house safe that don’t require a lot of time or money. Doing these small things can keep you from needing expensive and time-consuming repairs later on, so it is worth it to put in this small bit of effort.

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