5 Best Roofing For Your Home To Choose From

Gone are the days when there were limited options available to choose from for your home’s roofing. Today, with the emerging needs and wants of people, the roofing market has become competitive offering a range of roofing materials. These come in a variety of features including aesthetic appeal, longevity, sturdiness, waterproof, solar panel, etc. if you too are planning to get the roofing done for your home, we have made your research work a bit easier. Below you can find the 5 best roofing Chiswick materials for your home.

Asphalt roofing 

Asphalt roofing is one of the most common kinds of roofing and also one of the most popular choices. Their installation comes easy which means you can save well on labor costs. They look sturdy, provide good durability, and are quite affordable.

Built-up roofing

Built-up roofing is best for flat roofs and is made by mixing layers of roofing with asphalt adding more layers mixed with hot tar and crushed stones. These are robust and very durable in nature. These are waterproof. 

Membrane roofing 

Those with low-pitch or flat roofs can also opt for membrane roofing which is available in different compounds like: 

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer


Polyvinyl Chloride

Changed Polymer bitumens

Chlorinated polyethylene

Chlorosulfonated polyethylene

Metal roofing 

Metal roofing is available in different metals from steel, alloy to aluminum and copper. For snowy climates, people need to install snow guards on top for protection against its slippery base. Although a good choice, metal roofing can produce a lot of sound during storms and heavy rain. These, however, are very successful during summers for their heat-reflecting properties. They are a good option considering their shelf life lasting between 50 to 100 years. 

Faux slate roofing 

Faux slate is a composite material and is also affordable. Its built includes polymer or plastic, asphalt or rubber, clay, etc. however, for houses in snowy areas, this might not be as much suitable due to its slippery slate. One can, though, install snow guards on top of it to avoid falling of snow slides. These are also good in longevity lasting between 20-50 years. 

The given are some of the most preferred and favored choices owing to their appeal, longevity, and quality. One can easily select anyone based on their house and area-specific needs. Further, the durability of any house also depends upon its care factors. The more you maintain them, the more they are likely to sustain. 

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