5 Common Living Room Rug Mistakes You Must Solve

So, you want to use a rug in your living room décor. A great idea! Rugs are considered as an easy way to add colour and style to your house, and it provides cool insulation under your feet. If you choose the rug in the correct manner, it helps in holding the design scheme of your living room. Additionally, it helps in incorporating and adjusting the elements throughout the living room and creates a comfortable, attractive, and inviting space.

However, if you are designing the living room for the first time and you are planning to use the rug, there are chances that you make some mistakes. But, if you get an idea about the mistakes that homeowners normally do, you can avoid them too. Here are some of the lists of mistakes you can avoid-

  1. Choosing the Rug That Is Small

We all know that the right size of the rug will help in making the living room look large and inviting. But, most of the times, the homeowners want to save money by buying the small rugs. If you use a small rug, the living room will certainly look small and clumsy. The best solution is to measure the area before you are buying the carpet. Though there is no particular way to measure the rug, it should look proportionate with the room.

If you have already bought a small rug, you can add up layers to bring an impression of larger carpet. You can consult with the interior designer regarding what type of carpet you may choose.

  1. Letting Your Rug to Slide Up

Sliding of rugs is very common, and it can damage the material too. So, you can use the under-mats that help in preventing slips. When you place the rugs on the hard floor, there is a chance to slide off the rug due to daily use. This can lead to the scratching of the hard floors and can damage the carpets. To avoid such issues, you can use the anti-slip mat under the rug. Whether you are looking for modern rugs in Melbourne or anywhere, you can choose online stores for the best prices.

  1. Forgetting To Clean the Rug

One of the common mistakes most of the homeowners do is to forget cleaning the carpets. The rugs when left ignored can accumulate dirt and dust particles in the pores. This will eventually damage the fabric of the rug and make it look untidy.

So, if you are planning to use the rug, you can consider cleaning it in a regular manner. If you do not have enough time, you can hire the carpet cleaners who can provide you professional cleaning services.

  1. Choosing the Wrong Pattern of Rugs

It is true that the rug creates a style and show up your personality. But, if you choose the wrong pattern of the rug, you can affect the overall look of the living room.

So, when you are going to pick the best rug for your living space, you must choose the one that suits your home interiors.

Here are some of the mistakes you can do while placing the rug in the living room. But, if you follow the right steps, you can also avoid them too.

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