5 Tips for Choosing the Best Student Homes

Student housing accounts for 12% of the entire US rental market

So, with plenty to choose from, what will you prioritize when choosing student homes for the first time? Choosing where, who, and how many people to live with is one of the critical decisions to make if you want your college years to sail by without a hitch. 

However, don’t fall into the classic student trap of getting stuck in a year-long contract in a place you hate, with people you hate. Instead, learn about how to choose a house before throwing a deposit at the first landlord you meet. 

Read on for five essential tips for choosing student housing. 

1. Choose Your Area 

First of all, you need to decide where you want to live. Do you want the buzz of on-campus housing or the freedom of off-campus student housing? 

Consider whether there is a parking space, a bus route, and what your commute time will be. Assuming you don’t want to flunk out in your first semester, it’s important that it isn’t too difficult to actually get to college each day. 

2. Get On the Same Page as Your Housemates 

Second, check in with your potential housemates. Do you want sophisticated game nights or parties till 5 am each day of the week? 

Sleep deprivation is a sure-fire way to kill any friendship, so make sure you’re all going to be living the same sort of lifestyle before committing to housing together. 

3. Check the Energy Efficiency 

If there’s anything a student apartment is notorious for, it’s being cold. When it comes to winter, you don’t want to be sat in five sweaters watching your breath crystalize in front of you. 

So, before committing to a home, make sure you get the landlord to show you energy efficiency certificates to give you an idea of how much you’ll need to spend on energy in the colder months. 

4. Don’t Commit Beyond Your Means

This may seem obvious, but it’s one of the most critical factors. The mark-up on student apartments is undeniable, so make sure you can afford it. 

Work out your income vs. expenditure and calculate a reasonable budget for housing. Make sure you stick to your budget, and you’ll have extra money for a Starbucks here and there! 

5. Get Professional Guidance

Finally, if you want to rest assured that you’ll get exactly what you need, consider hiring someone to do the hard work for you. 

A one-time fee will feel insignificant when it’s split between each of you, and you secure your dream house. You can visit https://kendrahudson.com/ for reliable student housing solutions.

Secure the Best Student Homes With These Tips

So, if you were wondering what you should be looking for when shopping for student homes, these five tips should help give you some clarity. 

So, work out what your priorities are and stick to your guns! Don’t be afraid to shop around, and you’ll soon find the home of your dreams. 

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