7 Important Things to Do Before Moving Out of Your House

Selling your house and moving to a new one can be exciting, but you have to also know how to handle the process.

When you are clear on everything that comes with the moving process, it does away with so much of the stress and pain.

So what should you include on your moving out checklist? We’re happy that you asked. Here are some tips you should know about moving out on your terms.

  1. Go Room By Room Packing Everything Up

Packing is one of the most potentially laborious parts of the moving process. Because of this, carve out plenty of time to do it and make sure that you are thorough and complete. Schedule out your packing time and take it on a room-by-room basis.

Purchase some high-quality boxes that will keep all of your belongings, and make sure that everything is organized and in its proper place. From here, it’s easier for you to get all of your belongings from point A to point B once you are ready to move.

  1. Rent Out Self Storage

When you have high-quality self-storage, you’ll always be in a great position to move on your terms.

This lets you handle your move on your terms and without having to rush. The self-storage industry is one of the biggest in the United States, so you should have an easy time finding something within your pricing structure that will work for you.

After you have packed up your belongings and taken inventory of your furniture and equipment, you’ll get a clearer idea about the size of the storage unit you need.

  1. Find the Help of a Mover

Hiring a professional makes the moving process so much easier and straightforward. They will address every part of your move so that you don’t have to stress out over it or worry about hurting yourself during the move.

Search for moving contractors that offer the services that you are looking for. For example, some specialize strictly in local moves, while others will load up and handle a long-distance move for you. Start taking some price quotes from these movers so that you can compare the competition and figure out a budget that works for your move.

  1. Arrange to Have Your Utilities and Mail Switched Over

You also have to handle the business aspects of your move. Part of this is making sure that you switch your utilities over as quickly as possible. Even if you aren’t moving for another three months or so, touch base with the utility company and schedule a date for the transfer to occur.

That way, you won’t have to pay two bills and will be able to hit the ground running once you get to your new location. You should also take the time to put in a change of address for your new mailing address.

Changing your address over in a timely manner guarantees that you won’t miss any important correspondence. Switch the address on all your important accounts as well, such as your bank, and any subscriptions that you have.

  1. Get Your Home Deep Cleaned

Always take the time to clean your house before you move out. Working with a professional cleaning company is the best way to go about it.

Professional cleaning companies will assist you by doing everything from cleaning your walls and carpets to scrubbing floors, cleaning bathrooms, and making sure that everything is power washed and smelling great. Put together a checklist of every cleaning service that you need and ask these professionals how much they will charge.

There are plenty of companies that can provide whatever move out or move in cleaning service for properties of any size.

  1. Check Your Doors, Windows, and Other Fixtures

You have to also make certain that every part of your property is secure. The last thing you would want is for it to get broken into once people realize that you don’t live there anymore.

Make sure that you double and triple-check the windows, doors, and other fixtures to make certain that you aren’t leaving the home vulnerable and at risk. It also makes sense to reach out to some professionals that can perform a safety and security audit. They’ll be able to help you shore up any areas in the home that may fall prey to break-ins.

  1. Prepare for the Day of the Move

Finally, you need to make certain that you are fully prepared to handle the move on the day that it arrives. This means packing an overnight bag if you’re going to be staying in a hotel during a long-distance move, and having a box of your immediate needs if you aren’t going to fully unpack once you get to your home.

If you have children, you also need to make contingencies to make certain that they are cared for. Take off as much time as you need from work so that you can move comfortably without having to rush back to the job.

Start Moving Out on Your Terms

Moving out is easy and pain-free when you follow the tips in this article. There are plenty of variables at play when it comes to any move, and the points above will steer you in the right direction.

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