A Look into the Glass Balustrading Trend

Having a balcony connected to your home is a great way to take advantage of a beautiful view or even simply nice weather. Some people may leave their balconies as is and simply decorate it with furniture and other things, but other people take the opportunity to add more style to the balcony by implementing balustrading into the design. Glass balustrading is a great way to make your balcony look like more than just a balcony by adding some extra style and class.

What Is Balustrading?

Glass balustrading in WA is the practice of creating balustrades made of glass, typically installed on balconies. The typical balustrade is a collection of balusters connected together and spaced at equal distances to form a railing that can be used on balconies, porches, or terraces. To put it more simply, a baluster is one post, and a balustrade is a collection of those posts to make a single fencing system. Although it can be used on porches and terraces as well, this decorative railing design is most often used for balconies.

A Brief History of Balustrades

When you look at the more traditional balustrades that are made of stone or other natural materials, it’s easy to recognise the deep and rich history behind this design trend. The use of balusters and balustrades was first introduced sometime between the 13th and 17th centuries B.C; many ancient structures are seen to be created with this style. As time progressed, Ancient Chinese architecture adopted balusters and balustrades for structural purposes, and then the Renaissance continued to cement the style’s long-lasting popularity.

Benefits of Glass Balustrading

As is shown by the name, glass balustrading is the practice of designing and installing balustraded made of glass. These are often made with flat panels that create a thin, glass wall as a railing. Glass balustrading actually provides many benefits to a balcony when used properly, which may be surprising.

Of course, the best benefit is also the most obvious one. Because the panels are made of glass, you’ll have a much better view off your balcony. Glass balustrades are also safer, especially for small pets or children; because the frames are solid with no gaps in between like normal stone balustrades, there is no opportunity for anything to pass through and fall or get stuck in the gaps. A glass balustrade may also provide protection from the wind, especially if the balcony is located on a high story of a building.

Overall, having a glass balustrade installed on your balcony, porch, or terrace is a great way to add some extra style while bringing some other benefits as well. Because the style has lasted so long throughout history, it’s pretty clear that it won’t be going away anytime soon either.

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