A New Take On Traditional Patio With Decorative Concrete

Using concrete to pave outdoor features and spaces is not an uncommon strategy. It saves you money and it is definitely more durable but until very recently it could not be said to be the most fashionable of all available paving options.  With the advent of decorative concrete now this option is even more popular than granite and decorative stone paving for your outdoor decks and patios. If you are still floundering on how to use decorative concrete to give your patio a fashionable makeover, here is a detailed analysis of how the traditional option has received a complete upgrade.

The best way to bring about a revolutionary look for your outdoors is to plan a style strategy for the way you intend to use concrete for your patios. Some style options are mentioned below to help you start on ideas.

Geometrical patterns

Large patterns often create the illusion of space and a cohesive design that works especially for outdoor spaces. Choose decorative concrete types that offer a smoother finish and maybe in more utilitarian shades of the material to give a modern twist to the decoration. After all, grey doesn’t always have to be drab especially if you intend to boost it with colour contrast in your landscapes and patio furniture decor.

Choose a retro palette for the ultimate fashionable makeover

Distressed textures and stone surface imitations in concrete can create the illusion of retro pavements that can skirt your entire patio. You can also add pathways with concrete polished to look naturally faded in the sun. This range of palate is a particularly strong influence of Tuscan villa-style patios. Bring in the looks and feels of the Mediterranean right into your home based in Perth.

Rustic is the new modern

Decorative concrete in earth tone palettes and the addition of stone textures to the pathways can create a rustic feel for your patios. Imagine an old country western Ranch and you will get the idea of the kind of look you can achieve with simple styling and barely their decor to create a very appealing look for your patio right in the middle of the bustling city.

Sometimes traditional is the best

The traditional way to dress up your patio can bring the classical style back in vogue for your outdoor decor. Do not be too fussy with your choices and stick to the known patterns of bricks and scallop-edged texturizing for your concrete to create very stylish and clean lines of decor for your patio and the pathway around your property.

Choose the right materials but even more importantly choose the right suppliers and contractors to complete the project. They should be reliable enough to provide the right quality of materials but also have the artistic sense to understand your vision so that they can mix the materials in the right proportion. You want experts who can provide the perfect finish and texturizing to really create the expected drama with the basic looks of decorative concrete.

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