Are Home Remedies Effective at Eliminating Rodents?

This is a question that many UK homeowners ask when they discover they have uninvited guests in the form or rats or mice, and the short answer is to a limited degree, yes. There are traps and poisons that can be placed in the kitchen and nearby skirting boards, but the best you can hope for is a decrease in the numbers, and with effective pest control services in Wakefield, you are advised to leave it to the professionals.

  • The Traditional Mouse Trap – A tiny piece of cheese is usually enough to tempt a mouse, and once he moves the trigger pin, its game over. Of course, it isn’t very pleasant removing the bodies, and at best, you might eliminate 50% of the rodents that are living in your home, whereas calling in a professional pest control officer is guaranteed to eliminate them all.
  • Mouse Trap Cages – If you would rather adopt a catch and release policy, you can buy small cages that have a trigger that shuts the gate once the rodent is inside. The only thing with this form of pest control is you have to release the mouse quite a distance from your home, otherwise he’ll be back within the hour.

Introducing a cat is a very good way of ridding rodents from your home, although it might take the cat a while to catch them all. If you liked to watch Tom & Jerry cartoons as a kid, then you’ll know that the cat isn’t always the victor, and unless you would like a feline pet anyway, call in a pest control company who will make short work of the task, and what’s more, they have techniques to deter any further invasions.

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