Benefits of Removing a Stump from Your Yard

Having a home in Australia means you get to enjoy the outdoors more often than most, so many Australians take pride in their garden. Numerous homeowners add swimming pools, patios and various other features to their yards, turning them into their own little oasis. But before you plan on installing anything, you should have tree stumps removed.

They Don’t Look Good

The sight of a lone stump, right in the middle of your yard isn’t the most attractive feature you’ll ever set eyes on. They’re just old remnants of tree that once stood there, so it is better to have them removed for aesthetic purposes. There are several first-class companies in Perth offering tree lopping, tree removals, pruning, and stump grinding & removal services. They can grind down unwanted stumps or completely remove them depending on your preference. If you are planning on installing a new feature such as a pool, it is advisable to have the stump completely removed where possible.

They Can Cause Accidents

If you’ve kids in your home, the last thing you want in your yard is a stump protruding out from the grass. They are hazardous objects that children can easily fall over and get hurt. Kids love to play around in the garden, they seldom take notice of their surroundings while they’re engrossed in play and often trip over objects. The best way to stop this is to remove anything that could cause them injury. A large, solid stump is a major hazard that should be removed from your garden to avoid any issues.

They Sometimes Cause Additional Growth

If you leave a tree stump in your yard, it sometimes causes additional growth and smaller trees will begin to sprout up beside it. If you take pride in the appearance of your yard, having an old stump with smaller tees surrounding it doesn’t look too nice. It can also cost quite a lot of money to have them removed, you’ll need to buy chemicals to properly stop the growth and kill off the roots. Furthermore, these new trees growing beside the stump will steal nutrients from other plants which you have placed in your garden. So, the expensive plants which you have planted for aesthetic reasons are being robbed of essential nutrients.

They Attract Unwelcome Insects

If you leave a decaying stump lying around your yard, it will eventually attract all kinds of insects. These insects won’t just take up shelter in the stump, they’ll also migrate to other plants and destroy them. Decaying tree stumps take a lot of time to die off completely, it is much quicker to have them removed than wait for the stump to disappear of its own accord.

There are several good reasons to remove a stump from your yard, rather than wait for it to decay naturally. If you are planning on installing a new feature, you’ll need a flat, even surface to place it in your garden, so removing an eyesore such as a tree stump makes sense. They entice unwelcome insects and sometimes cause unexpected growth.


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