Best Guardrail Design For Your Deck: Here’s What You Need To Consider

Before you call welder services to help build your deck, you need to put together a solid plan. You might not even need them if you’re planning to go all-wood in your design. When designing a guardrail, there are few things to consider.

Local Building Code

Your local government usually has a building code for building guardrails or something similar. There are two main things that local codes focus on. First, there’s the height of the railing. Too low and it won’t be effective, after all. Next, there is the size of the space between the balusters. Most building codes have them at the right size so that children won’t be able to squeeze through and fall.

Some codes also have a weight requirement. You’ll probably appreciate it so that your rails won’t break your down because of their weight.


The next elephant in the room is the budget that you have for this project. You may want to get fancy with brass rails or some fancy wood but you have to remember that you aren’t made of money, You are going to have to limit yourself to your budget. Decent guardrails are available at a decent price and you may have some extra to get some personalized details.


Part of working with your budget is knowing what materials you’ll be working with. This can range from metal to wood. Metal is very durable and can be a solid choice. However, a lot of the metals for guardrails can get expensive. Fortunately, the second option is wood and is a much reasonable choice.

The type of wood should be up to you. Cheaper wood can be low in quality. More expensive woods can face the elements with confidence at a good price. The usual wood for this oak or something just as tough. Tougher woods avoid the problem with wood warping so I would recommend that.


There is also another matter to think about when you want to consider guardrails. They need to match the design of your home. There’s nothing more unsightly than discordant design. You’ll want a look that meshes well. If your home is a traditional one, then wood is a safe choice. Ultra-modern houses may even risk using glass or metal railings for their deck. Think about how it would look before putting down the money.


Are you located on the seaside? Salt in the air can have a devastating effect on some materials. This is why they’re not the best choices for such places. Other environmental conditions have differing requirements, too. For example, a black metal rain in full exposure to the sun and elements is not the best choice since it will heat up fast. Think about this and consult with your contractor would be a good choice.

The View

How will it look from behind it? Guardrails are there to ensure that you don’t fall off your deck. They’re not supposed to ruin the view. Try to strike a balance between safety and beauty when it comes to making your choice.

Overall, if you remember these factors, your guardrails will look and work great.
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