Building Work – Multiple Tradespeople or one Firm?

Anyone who owns a property knows that every building has to be built correctly and maintained properly for it to last in functional condition, and that there are numerous issues which can beset a building. Over a period of time we either become pretty good at doing our maintenance, or we build up a big bunch of business cards of plumbers, electricians and other maintenance professionals, hoping that we will never need them, but feeling happier that we have someone to call when things go wrong. When you move house though, that carefully collected bunch of cards, may not be of any value if we have moved out of that tradesman’s area.

Comprehensive Building Services

When you engage the services of a truly comprehensive building services company to build or refurbish your home, the future does look a little brighter and simpler. This is essentially a one stop shop, who will work with you from the initial design stage, through planning and approvals, into construction and be there for many years to come to deal with absolutely anything and everything that goes wrong or requires repair. Regardless of what you need, a company like this will ensure things happen on time and within budgetary constraints.

Equipment and Machinery

Clearly, a company that owns and operates all of its own equipment and machinery is going to be in a better position to respond to any call from you, promptly and efficiently, as opposed to one that needs to go and rent it first. As an example, Mitchells in Gloucester has done just that, and are able, like many full building services companies to be more than a Jack of all trades, but a master of them all. The larger the size of the company, the larger the area that they are able to service, so unless you move a significant distance, they should still be all you need to call. Additionally, it will be of benefit to a new owner, if you are able to provide a single port of call for any eventuality, for the home built by such a firm.

Project Management

When you take the decision to work with a comprehensive building services company, many things become less stressful. You do not have to organise what day and at what time certain people will turn up to do what job, or worry about in what order, building materials need to be collected or delivered. When the firm has its own design and planning team, with all of the services to go from the plan to the finished product and provide all of the services you require after the project’s completion, life just became much simpler. Keeping everything in house tends to have a very healthy impact on the costs also, so may be a financially more attractive proposition.

An Internet search or browse through Yellow Pages will undoubtedly provide you with details of full service building companies in your area. The smart suggestion would be to go with a company that has been in business for a substantial period of time, who are popular and growing, and who are able to provide you with a number of testimonials, from multiple happy clients.

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