5 Pro Tips for Controlling Weeds in Your Yard

Are you shocked that the average American spends 32 hours on yard work each month?

If you have a busy schedule, then the last thing you may feel like doing is spending your precious free time working outside in the heat. From mowing the lawn to trimming the shrubs and mulching, the list never seems to end for people who want to maintain a pretty lawn.

One of the most dreaded yard tasks is controlling weeds since these battles can be intense. Keep reading if you want to arm yourself with five of the best weed control tips out there.

1. Consider Weeding by Hand or Use a Tool

Some people find gardening therapeutic. If you fall into this category, then you may enjoy spending some time pulling out some weeds.

Anyone who wants to get this job done even faster can invest in a weeding tool that does all the heavy lifting for you. Whether you go by hand or with a tool, make sure you pull the weeds out by the root so they don’t regrow.

2. Pour Boiling Water on Any Weed

Plants often require delicate conditions to grow and weeds are no different. A simple way that you can shock them is to pour boiling water on top of them.

This sudden shift in temperature will be drastic enough to kill them. You may have to go out a couple of times over the weeks to catch any remaining stragglers.

3. Pile on the Mulch to Kill Weeds

If you use mulch to help your plants grow, then you may be scratching your head at this suggestion. As strange as it may sound, anyone can use mulch to kill weeds in their yard.

The key to making this work is to pile a thick layer of mulch on top of the weeds. This will block the sun and prevent them from growing and spreading.

4. Salt Is Great for Controlling Weeds

Weeds need lots of water to thrive. While it can be difficult to control the rain and sprinklers, you do have an ingredient on hand that can dehydrate your weeds.

Pouring salt on your weeds will draw out all the moisture from the weeds and make them shrivel up and die.

5. Invest in Professional Weed Control

If you don’t want to spend time on yard work or you want quick results, then you should hire an outstanding landscaping company like Heartland Turf & Landscape.

With their tools and knowledge, you’ll be able to enjoy having the nicest lawn in the entire neighborhood.

These Tips for Controlling Weeds Will Keep Your Lawn Beautiful

Controlling weeds may sound like an impossible feat, but now you know that positive results are possible. By using this guide on how to control weeds, you can choose the best option for your unique preferences.

Once your lawn is lush and gorgeous, you should turn your attention inside. Could you use some inspiration to give the rest of your home a makeover? Read our blog for more tips.

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