Choosing Surfaces for your Bathroom

The selection is the right surfaces for the bathroom are as important as the renovation work itself. Every part of the home has compatible surface materials. All of these will synchronize into a good blend of smell, appearance, and feel. Because of the function of washrooms, the materials that are compatible are such that can withstand different temperatures. They must also be waterproof enough to repel spills and splashes of water. Ceramic tiles have ways been the ultimate choice but it is allowed to play around as well. Truly, the importance of creativity cannot be overemphasized here.

Furthermore, ceramic tiles are easy to work with maintaining and available in a melange of designs and colors. The flooring can be finished off with a non-skid coating that lacks porosity. Tiles that are large in size make the floor appear bigger while the small types have higher functionality.

The only way you can get away with a large appearance of tile is to select the vitrified types which are generally stronger and durable. The variety of colors also makes it fun to play around while the designs are catchy to the eye as well. When combined with other materials such as stone, they create an accent of color and style. You may also consider porcelain tiles which are fanciful and colorful.

With stone, you will discover that they are not easy to maintain. Not only is it expensive, it saps money due to its high maintenance culture. Examples of stone are slabs and tiles. But there are many homeowners who prefer stones to other types of flooring because of the association of grandeur. Other examples of stones are limestone, sandstone, kotah, granite, and marble. All of these materials are available in different colors and designs. You will find some of them in various textures such as sandblasted, cleft, and tumbled.

Engineered stone types are stone agglomerates which are crushed, and bound with adhesives. They can also be called pre-cut tiles. Because of the reinforcements, the durability and strength affect the enhancement. This makes them suitable for floors and walls. However, this will require a fine blend of expertise and maintenance practices.

The solid surface is derived from a composite of an acrylic polymer. You will obtain a durable surface when the polymer is combined with bauxite ore. The complexities in the processing necessitate that the fabricators are just perfect for installation.

For cabinets, the materials that are frequently used are marine plywood. They can be beautified by paints and laminates. The waterproof quality can be increased by coating in some special finishes. Wood is fast gaining recognition in this space because it is used to add class to bath décor.

Nowadays, there are several bathroom paints that come in different forms – waterproof paints, anti-fungal paints, and in a range of colors that may confuse the homeowner itself.

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