Cleaning the floor joints correctly

Cleaning the floor joints is an activity that we must do very often to keep the appearance of your tiles in good condition. However, knowing how to clean the floor joints is an aspect that generates many questions.

Remember that the passage of time and the constant treads cause the joints of your floor to deteriorate and lose their original color.

But to regain its appearance there are many homemade tricks that you can know when reading this article, on how to clean the joints of the floor without much effort with Pressure Washing Services Jacksonville.

If you consider that the joints of your floor are dirty and stained due to lack of time, you will need to have a team of professionals who, through their extensive experience on how to clean the floor joints will make the joints look like new.

The time has come to take note and practice our next recommendations to keep the floor of your house as the first day.

Floor joints

The floor joints are those grooves that exist between each of the tiles, used to adorn the kitchen floor, bathrooms, terraces and living rooms of many homes.

That small line commonly known as a joint, gathers the highest levels of dirt, stains and sometimes causes the surface to have dark tones.

Importance of cleaning the floor joints correctly

The soil joints are some of the areas with the highest accumulation of dirt, bacteria, germs and spread of microorganisms. For this reason, it is important to know how to clean the floor joints to enjoy a soil without traces of contamination.

Having a floor with stained and dirty joints can generate bad impression and discomfort when it comes to bringing visitors or receiving customers.

The truth is that to have a soil free of contamination and clean joints in its entirety you must learn how to clean the joints of the soil properly.

How to clean the floor joints step by step

Step 1> Scrub the floor

To know how to clean the floor joints you must start by scrubbing the floor with the help of a broom, water and soap.

Step 2> Use a bleaching product

Stir the chemical bleach of joints; apply on all slots with the help of a sponge and leave to act to eliminate stains.

You should read the product instructions, this will allow you to know the recommended time for the application and avoid any damage or inconvenience during the rest of the chemical.

Step 3> Rinse the surface

It was time to rinse the floor. You must do it with enough water and, with a broom, you must scrub the tiles to completely remove the product, repeat the process until all the waste is removed.

Step 4> Remove the bleach completely from the surface

Most likely, the floor of your house is left with a kind of white veil, an aspect caused by the bleaching chemical. To remove this layer of excess you will need a sponge and enough water.

The steps to learn  how to bleach the floor joints  mentioned above, can be used for cleaning walls and in the case of difficult corners you will only need a brush and follow the same procedure.

How to clean the floor joints with homemade tricks

Homemade tricks are of great importance to know how to bleach the floor joints. They provide you with great advantages and economic savings because they are everyday products in homes.

The handling of these products is very easy and you can find it in any supermarket:

➡ Sodium bicarbonate:

This product is ideal for removing dirt from joints. The first thing you should do is mix it with water to create that homogeneous paste, and then apply it over the grooves of the tiles.

Leave it on for several minutes and then remove it with enough water. Remember that by adding more bicarbonate you will have powerful results in no time.

➡ Toothpaste:

You had imagined that toothpaste is an ideal bleach to lighten the black joints of the floor. For this reason, we recommend using it to achieve impressive results without much effort.

➡ Ammonia:

It is a product widely used to remove mold and disinfect floor joints. Ammonia has a very strong cleaning power, so we recommend you handle it very carefully, it can damage your skin.

➡ White vinegar:

This acidic and abrasive substance is an effective product against dirt lodged in the floor joints. Although it has effects similar to bicarbonate, it is a disinfectant and removes stains like no other.

How often do you have to clean joints?

The effectiveness and frequency of the joint cleaning process is the key to seeing your floor always free of stains and blackened. For this reason, we recommend that cleaning and maintenance of joints be carried out once a week.

Continuous cleaning will allow you to remove dirt and stains to have a shiny and in perfect condition as usual.

Clean blackened tile joints

Learning how to clean the joints of blackened tiles is one of the biggest questions in the world of cleaning and home. The mold usually appears little by little on the joints of the tiles located in humid areas such as bathrooms and kitchen.

The presence of this type of contamination is difficult to clean, so we tell you an excellent homemade trick to eliminate them. The first thing you should do is mix in a baking soda bowl, hydrogen peroxide and a spoonful of dishwashing soap.

Once you have made the mixture, apply it over the joints and let it act for several minutes. Then rub with a brush and remove the excess of the product with enough water and you will have joints free of clean tiles like the first day.

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