How to create a good flow between the inside and outside of your house

People who like to entertain at home love the idea of a good flow between the inside of the house and the outside. But creating this flow is not always easy. How is it done and is it expensive? The answers are that it can be quite easy to do, especially with a bit of thought and planning and that it doesn’t need to be too expensive. It can really cost what you want it to cost – there is plenty that you can do yourself, but if you want to go fancy, you can hire an architect or interior designer and splash the cash with abandon. We are here with some tips and advice to help you do it cost-effectively. Here are a few tips.

The door is important

Probably the key element of creating the flow between inside and out is the door. The smaller the door, the harder it is to create flow. So, either you need lots of regular sized doors or one or two larger ones. Use the internet to look for something like ‘sliding doors Sydney’ to see what is available in your area. But a big sliding door is a great place to start. It means easy access from inside to outside, it helps ensure that the light on the inside is much the same as on the outside and it is broad and giving, meaning it is easy to move through.

Create an intermediate zone

One of the key things about good flow is ensuring that it is gradual. If there is a clear separation between inside and outside, then there is not flow as much as there is a divide. So, to manage that divide, make sure there is an intermediate area – like a deck or veranda that is covered with a pergola or canvas. That helps to make the flow easy and comfortable. The veranda is a great way to be outdoors without being in the direct sun or exposed to the elements.

Plant smart

Bring plants inside and make sure that the garden and its splendour are visible from inside the house. This creates unity and consistency. You don’t want to make the inside of the house into a jungle, but it undoubtedly helps with the flow if there are plants inside – perhaps strategically some of the plants that are outside should also be inside. It creates a theme and level of consistency that aids with the flow.


Good flow is not about extreme contrasts, it is about gradual shifts and subtle changes. Light is a key way to manage this. You obviously want the house to be less bright than outside, but you still want the inside to feel naturally light. A skylight is a good way to bring this about so too are strategically placed windows. Windows are great for light, but they also help to invite the outside in and vice versa. For instance, you want to be able to sit inside and feel like you are in the garden, it is all part of the illusion of flow.

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