Cost Effective Scaffolding Solutions For The Small Builder

The small builder is the backbone of construction in the UK, and has been for many generations, and while there have been many technical advances that have assisted the local construction company, none is more evident than the modern scaffold tower. The time – and money – it takes to provide a safe working platform above ground seriously hampers work schedules, and once the work has been completed, the tubular steel monstrosity has to be taken down. This causes many delays, as tradesmen are waiting for the scaffolding team to finish their work, and for every hour they are sitting around, the builder has to pay. Once above ground level, everything depends on the scaffolding, and finally, there is a solution with the access tower.

Scaffold Towers

These innovative systems are designed to be easily assembled, and because they are very light, movement is a simple task. They are equipped with wheels and brakes, so it is effortless to move to the next area to be worked on. With extendable mini stabilisers, the tradesman can confidently work at height, knowing his working platform isn’t going anywhere, and when it is time to move the apparatus, it couldn’t be easier.

Podium Steps

This is a hybrid of a ladder and a pair of steps, and with exceptional design, a range of platforms can be created, and with safety at the forefront, this has to be the most stable of working platforms. To get a clearer picture of the versatility, check out podium steps from the experts at Toptower, the UK’s leading supplier of access towers, and with lower than retail prices, you can browse their extensive online catalogue, and once you locate the ideal system, a secure online payment will see the goods dispatched to your home address. There are smaller units – which are suitable for the DIY enthusiast, and then there are steps that are designed with the builder in mind, allowing a worker to carry out a range of tasks, and with heights up to 5m, they are ideally suited.

Safety in Mind

It isn’t just a question of providing a platform, and the design incorporates braked wheels and non-slip surfaces, and with additional stabilisers, you do not need someone on the ground, which means a lot more work can be done. When working at heights, one must have a stable platform of suitable size, and uneven ground can be the catalyst of an accident, which is why podium steps have legs that can be individually extended, which gives you a flat and stable working surface, especially on uneven ground.

Boost Productivity

With state of the art access towers, your team will be much more productive, due to the time they save when requiring above ground access, and with an easy to assemble unit that weighs in at around 20kg, this is the ideal addition to any building contractor’s yard.

There are online suppliers who stock the very best brands, and with trade prices, your access solution is but a few clicks away.

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