Do You Need Your Pipes Rerouted

Sometimes a pipe rerouting is necessary, especially if a leak is found beneath a home’s foundation. When this happens, the pipes may be re-routed to the loft for convenience and easier access. For instance, if a leak is discovered under a slab, it can frequently be repaired by cutting out the damaged pipe and replacing it.

However, if access is difficult, pipes that run beneath a fixture or flooring may be particularly difficult to replace. This often occurs if a repair needs to be made under tile floors, beneath a bathtub, or underneath cabinetry.

Rerouting Plumbing

When pipes are run from a foundation to loft, a semi-flexible pipe is typically used. A long run of pipe reduces the need for fittings such as elbows or tees where leaks frequently occur. When rerouting pipes, it is frequently better to avoid exterior walls. Placing a water pipe on an outside wall increases the chance that it will freeze or burst in the wintertime, a real possibility in the UK.

When a pipe is run from a slab foundation to an attic, an inside wall is normally used for rerouting purposes. If no boards are running between the studs in a wall, the pipes can be directed through the interior walls and toward the attic. However, if a board is located inside a wall, rerouting may require that the wall be cut open and the obstruction removed.

Another Alternative

An alternative, less costly measure involves anchoring the pipes on an outside wall and enclosing them in an insulated box. Because the water in pipes can still freeze, the insulation will help maintain the water temperature inside the pipes.

Companies such as Prestige Plumbers make sure that any cracks or gaps in the walls are sealed when plumbers reroute pipes as well. The idea is to make sure that the pipes are protected so they are not affected by cold draughts or temperatures.

Quicker Access

Naturally, it never is pleasant to find a leak beneath an area in the home that cannot be easily accessed. However, if you use the services of a plumber who is knowledgeable in rerouting, access will be simpler. This is an important service as future plumbing problems can be addressed with more expediency.

Whilst rerouting can become involved, it is also recommended if you want to avoid any problems with maintenance and repairs. To offset major problems, make sure that you schedule a plumbing inspection at least once a year. That way, any small leaks can be discovered before they lead to much bigger repairs.

No leak should be overlooked, especially a leak under a slab. If rerouting is necessary, it is one upgrade that you will not regret. Servicing and maintaining your plumbing protects your home. Therefore, pipes should be placed so that they can be easily repaired.

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