Dream Renovation Team: What To Ask Your Prospective Kitchen Builders

So, you’ve finally decided to remodel your kitchen – that’s awesome! After all, one of the greatest home frustrations is cooking in a space replete with old appliances, dirty benches, no cabinet space, certainly no counter space and whatever other problem this old zone has thrown your way!

There is no better way to get the job done than to enlist a renovations expert. However, to ensure you get the best team on the job, you have to ask the right questions, as doing so will help ensure you get an experienced, creative team who loves what they do and will create something stunning in your home.

Here are some of those questions you need to ask your prospective renovator:

1. How long have you been in the industry?

When it comes to the best custom kitchens Western Sydney has, experience is essential. The last thing you want is a bunch of two-bit, home handy people coming in and making a shambles of your space! Seriously, if you’ve ever seen an experienced person try and redo the cooking space then you will know just how unpleasantly raucous an occasion it is.

Therefore, the first thing you should ask your prospective team is how long they have been in the industry? If they have years of experience under their belts then you can be sure that they know how to install a brand new cooktop, or perfectly place your stunning new splashback in perfect position, you get the jist – they have the skills to create something incredible.

2. What options do you provide?

You want to choose a team who can provide a range of renovation options. We’re talking about everything from installing brand new cooktops to kitchen islands, gorgeous splashbacks, lighting fixtures, benchtops all whilst creating an airy sense of space (something that is imperative for making us feel calm in the kitchen!).

The ability to design your own personalised space is imperative to choosing the perfect renovations team. They should be adaptable and creative enough to produce your dream design whilst installing beautiful, fresh pieces that invigorate the space.

3. Can we see some references?

Any reputable, experienced renovations team will be more than happy to show off their references. After all, if they do an awesome job with every kitchen they come across then they are bound to have a few testimonials detailing just what a fantastic job they did on their clients’ behalf!

So, don’t be shy when it comes to asking for references, you just might also learn some of the specialties they can provide to truly amplify the renovation’s beauty and style.

4. Can we see some of your previous work?

Just like they will be happy to show you their references, they will also be happy to show off some stunning pics of their previous work. Any experienced renovator has likely taken on a few jobs in their time, and will be more than happy to show you a gallery of their previous work.

So, feel free to ask to see a renovation portfolio of their work, one which details their versatility in any provided space. Whether you’re looking to do something grand and spectacular, or just a few elegant touch ups, you will always be able to gauge the builder’s skill and creativity from their gallery.

5. When can you start?

Because you want to get started now! And you want to know that they are good to get started, too, especially as it means they will devote their time to ensuring you get the most amazing finish possible, so be sure to ask when they can get to work on your beautiful new space!

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