Everything You Need to Know About Cleaning Gutters

It is important that you properly care for and maintain your gutters. One of the key steps involved in properly maintaining your gutters is routinely cleaning them yourself, or hiring a company to regularly clean them. Unfortunately, though, many homeowners have no idea what it means to properly maintain their gutters or how to clean them. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions related to cleaning gutters and the answers to those questions.

Why Do Gutters Need to Be Cleaned?

Gutters need to be cleaned to help remove the debris that falls onto them. Debris, such as leaves and sticks, can enter your gutter system. If this debris is not removed, it can prevent water from flowing through the gutters. When this happens, water can overflow the sides of the gutter, causing water to land where it should not. This can lead to many problems, including foundation problems, siding problems, roofing problems, and landscaping issues and problems.

How Often Do Gutters Need to Be Cleaned?

It is recommended that you clean gutters at least twice a year. If you clean your gutters two times per year and the gutters are full by the time you go to clean them, you may need to clean your gutters more frequently. Trimming trees away from your gutters can also help to reduce the amount of foliage and debris that falls into the gutters. Most experts recommend cleaning your gutters every four to six months, depending on how dirty your gutters are when you go to clean them.

How Do You Clean Gutters?

If you have never cleaned your gutters before, you may be curious about how to do so. While you can hire a company to come out and clean your gutters for you, cleaning them yourself can help you to save money.

If you are looking to clean your gutters, you will need to start by removing debris from the gutters. You will need to climb a ladder to reach your gutters, and will need a bucket handy to put debris in. Stick your hand in the gutters and pull out sticks, leaves, and any other debris that may be present.

Once you have removed the debris from the gutters, you will want to clean them. You can make a mixture of warm soapy water using liquid dish soap or special gutter soaps found at home improvement stores. Use a soft-bristled brush to gently scrub the mixture into the gutter, removing dirt, dust, and other debris caked on the gutters. Once you have cleaned the gutters, rinse away the soap using a hose.

Once your gutters are cleaned, you will want to take the time to clean the downspout. The downspout is where the water travels to from the gutters and exits the gutter system. You can use a hose to push out debris from your gutters, or you can push a broom or mop handle up or down the spout to remove debris that is stuck inside.

Can You Do Anything Else to Help Keep Your Gutters Clean?

K-Guard Gutter System can help to reduce the debris that falls in a gutter system. A K-Guard gutter system involves placing a filter over the top of the gutter. This helps to block large debris, such as sticks and leaves, from entering the gutter system, while still allowing water to flow into the gutters. This helps to reduce the amount of debris that can actually enter the gutters. It is important to note that while a guard gutter system can reduce the amount of debris in your gutters, it is still important to properly clean your gutters at least twice a year, as dirt can still enter the gutter through through the gutter system.

It is recommended that you clean gutters at least twice a year. Doing so helps to remove the debris and dirt that is built up in your gutters, helping to ensure that the gutters are properly able to perform their job when heavy rains begin to fall. A good gutter system can help to reduce the debris that falls in a gutter system. If you would like to help reduce the amount of waste that falls into your gutters, consider utilizing one of these systems.

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