Everything You Should Know Before Choosing The Right Bespoke Fitted Walk-in Wardrobe!

If you are planning to build a new home or remodel a spare room, a walk-in closet can be the best part of your entire home design. After all, who will not love having an organized space to keep clothes and accessories neatly and conveniently presented?

At first, it may be confusing as you probably don’t know where to begin. However, you have nothing to worry about. The following is a complete guide of what you should take into consideration when choosing fitted walk-in wardrobes!

*Identify your needs*

No matter what you envision, you first should consider your requirements and suitable budget for your fitted walk-in wardrobes. While evaluating your requirements, it is a good idea to sort out and donate any unwanted clothing. After all, it is no point in keeping the things that you are never going to wear or use again!

*Enough space?*

Generally, walk-in closets must be minimum 4 feet deep. They must run the complete length of the wall to offer maximum storage space. Ensure to consider your closet’s height as well since it will determine the type of the items that will be stored in it. Hanging rods can likely be placed at 70 inches from the floor and should have at least 5 inches of clearance between it and the shelf above.


You will require sufficient lighting in your closet, especially if you are planning on using it as a dressing area. LED lighting strips along the edges, spotlights and floor lights look mesmerizing when fitted perfectly into a walk-in wardrobe.


  • Always remember, the best way to designing is planning wisely. How will walk-in wardrobe be used? Who will be using it? How many shelves, coat hangers, and drawers will be needed? Do you require additional space for storing shoes?
  • Identify the location of the space which you’d prefer fitting a walk-in wardrobe in.
  • Determine the budget, it will help you choose the right model accordingly.

There are ample possibilities in terms of bespoke fitted walk-in wardrobe designs. Ensure to contact the right professional in incorporating the latest features and trends into your closet!

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