Features That Make the Urban Defender the Best Whole House Water Filter

The Urban Defender is a Whole House Water Filter and water purification system by Clean Air Pure Water. It is considered to be an extremely effective form of protection against the contaminants that can be found in the water entering into our homes, including chemicals like chlorine, chlorine by-products, and chloramine. In this article, we are going to be discussing the features of the Urban Defender that makes it so effective as a Whole House Water Filter.

The Urban Defender works by reducing and, or, removing many different kinds of compounds, volatile, and semi-volatile, that can be found in our water; this includes but is not limited to: chlorine, atrazine, alachlor, trihalomethane, and some solvents like benzene and MTBE. As well as doing this, the Urban Defender is able to reduce soluble metallic and non-metallic ions that can commonly found in the water that enters our homes; arsenic, cobalt, copper, mercury, and chloroform are some this whole house water filter can remove to name a few. But how does the Urban Defender actually do this?

To function, the backwashing system requires electricity and a drain. It starts as soon as the water enters the home where it is filtered by a 5-micron sediment filter and removes the dirt that joins the water whilst it is travelling through the city’s water pipes. Once this first step of the filtration process has occurred, the water moves through to the Urban Defender where the water travels downwards through the patented KDF media which creates a .04 millivolt electrical charge into the water, it can begin to reduce the amount of chlorine, chloramine, and heavy metals from the water. The reduction of the heavy metals does vary due to the flow rate of the water through the system. After this stage of filtration, the water again moves downward through two cubic feet of high-quality carbon; this can either be granular activated carbon or catalytic carbon, but this depends on the application being used. The carbon that is used within the Urban Defender is highly porous and therefore traps the chemical contaminants and thus, allows the water to flow forward into our homes in a cleansed of these contaminants.

It is also possible to purchase specific features for the Urban Defender to further the filtration process of the water depending on what contaminants are found to be in the water. Some of these features include:

– 5-micron pre-filter

– Fluoride Reduction Filter

– Ultra Violet light

– A four cubic foot system is also able to be acquired if the water in question has a particularly high flow.

With the ability to discuss the specific needs of the water filter before purchasing and installing, every person interested in purchasing an Urban Defender Whole House Water Filter will be able to alter the product in a way that will enable them to achieve the best filtration of their water possible. This highly effective water filter will ensure that the water entering your home is clean and safe to drink for you and your loved ones.

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