Give Your Shower a Spa-like Feel

One of the best ways to enhance the looks of your shower and bathroom is to turn it into a wet room. A wet room is a bathroom style that features waterproof boarding. In turn, the design stops the escape of water and moisture; a sloping floor can also be installed so that any excess water easily flows down the drain.

Advantages of Installing a Wet Room

When you turn your shower area into a wet room, you will instantly give it a spa-like look and feel. In addition, bathroom fitters in Bristol note the following advantages:

  • Wet rooms provide increased accessibility for elderly or disabled people.
  • A wet room will automatically increase the value of your home. When you add waterproofing to an area that is vulnerable to leaks, you are making a notable structural improvement. A wet room is designed so all the water is directed to a central drain and any moisture is held within its sealed walls.
  • Wet rooms offer a better utilisation of space. If you have a smaller bathroom space, you can install a wet room featuring a shower. The shower enclosure is not bulky and, therefore, optimises the space that is used.
  • More design options. A wet room can create a stunning impression. Because it is minimalist in design, a number of interesting materials can be used – materials such as stone, concrete, or wood.

An Aesthetic and Functional Design

If you want to outfit your bathroom so it is both aesthetic and functional, you cannot go wrong if you choose to convert your bathroom space into a wet room design.

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