Guide for choosing residential pest control in Boise

Some jobs are best left to professionals, and pest control is definitely one of them. Roaches, ants, rodents, mice, bedbugs, termites – Pests are creepy and disgusting at once, and it makes sense to call a company specializing in pest control. If you look for options in Boise, you will find names like Barrier Pest Control that have been around for years. For your help, below is a small guide on how to find the right pest control company in your area.

Make a shortlist

Ask friends, family members and neighbors if they have tried and used local pest control services. References are always handy when you need to find reliable home-related services. A quick search on Google can also help in shortlisting a few options. Make sure that you select companies with good reviews.

Check the response

A professional pest control company knows what it takes to handle a client call. If an exterminator takes too long to respond, don’t wait for long. Ideally, a good service will respond within a few hours, send their pest control experts for an inspection, and offer a clear estimate once the inspection is done.

Ask questions

As a new and prospective client, you need to ask questions that are relevant to the pest control industry, such as –

  1. How long have you been offering pest control services in Boise?
  2. Do you have an in-house team of experts?
  3. Do you have an entomologist on the payroll?
  4. Do you have liability insurance?
  5. Are your pest control teams bonded and insured?
  6. Do you offer warranties on the job?
  7. Can you share a few references?
  8. What’s included in the estimate?
  9. Can you share a sample contract?

Keep in mind that many pest-control companies do not have the expertise and merely pass contracts to subcontractors for a commission. Ensure that the exterminator has a physical address, and when you compare the estimates, check details related to products and methods. Many pest control services will offer extended warranties on the work done, and if they can help with an annual maintenance contract, that’s always and advantage.

Some products used for pest control often are not safe for other pets and animals. Ask in advance about the methods used by the exterminator, especially if you have kids, pets, and older people at home. It is wise to find a service that mitigates environmental impact of their pest control work, because it concerns each one of us.

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