Have You Looked at Your Guttering Lately

Did you know that damage to your roof can be caused by poor guttering? It’s more than likely that most homeowners don’t give their roof or their guttering a second thought, but a roof with holes in it can lead to some pretty serious damage that requires expensive repairs. One culprit that many people don’t think about is bad guttering.

What to Look For

The good news is that expert roofers in Halifax can help repair any roof, replace a roof, and fix guttering problems. But how can guttering crate problems with your roof? Consider the following:

  • Blocked gutters can lead to pooled rainwater that can cause damage to your fascia boards and your roof.
  • Rotting fascia boards will allow rainwater to get into the eaves and create major water damage, including buckling.

A Problem That Goes Deeper

If your guttering is blocked and overflowing, all of that rainwater is just sitting there. This can rot fascia boards if they are made of wood, and it can flow into the roof.

When rainwater gets into your roof, it can cause some serious damage that can be expensive to fix. You may notice black mould growing in patches, warped and buckled eaves, dripping water, and so on. In fact, if you’re ever looking to buy a property, one thing you should always do is check the roof inside for damage, do a visual inspection of the tiles, and check for damage guttering or fascia boards.



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