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In the small landlocked country of Zimbabwe lies a vast region located in Matabeleland North, south of Lake Kariba, called Binga.  It is quite a conspicuous, understated, beautiful region with amazing terrain, rich culture and landscape which includes a majestic chunk of the mighty Zambezi river.

You will find joyous women of the Batonga tribe who have inborn creativity of passionately weaving intricate wall decor baskets, storage baskets, boho wall baskets, and hand woven place mats from renewable material of ‘’ilala leaves’’, small vine and natural dye.

These intriguing home decor baskets have captured the hearts of designers, trendy home owners, art fanatics and the hospitality industry across the globe.

It’s an honor to serve clients from around the world who have an Afro eccentric approach to home décor. These woven wall baskets can be classified under bohemian and eclectic, rustic and primitive, coastal and tropical depending from one’s standpoint. (Is the dress blue and black controversy?)

With a house arguably being a reflection of your soul, you can surely add a unique African eccentric aura to your room with this awe inspiring wall artwork which can be put up as bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining, patio, reception, guest house and hotel décor. Whatever brings your heart the best satisfaction and joy!

Binga Baskets arts

Binga baskets and Art Shop operate from a humble, small-scale set-up. They try to minimize fancy frills so as to give back to the community.

Their prices are very competitive on a global scale as compared to large decor stores. They believe a little goes a long way, and even wholesale to art galleries and retail shops.

Binga baskets and Art Shop Public Relations representative Valeria says:

‘’If you visit my home, you will quickly discover my African eccentric approach to home decor just as you enter my patio with a large Binga basket hanging as the focal point. I believe in a principle from the ”ancient book”:
“Everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, but whoever humbles himself will be exalted.”
Because of this, our customers are the core of our business and we make a special effort to attend to their different individual needs and requests. Now, in working with women communities, we will help enable them to send their children to school, as well as bring them access to sanitary-ware and basic forms of communication, in terms of cellphones with WhatsApp capabilities. Our products transcend boundaries, and speak to the hearts and minds of our customers on a global scale. The uniqueness of our products exudes pride and confidence, and shares a glimpse of the untamed artistic beauty of Africa with the world! We offer more than home decor we offer a story of creativity and culture.”

Follow the link to shop with Binga Basket Shop: And be sure to follow @bingabasketsandart on Instagram to keep up with their latest wall baskets designs.

Every purchase made goes a long way in supporting this marginalized community of Batonga women.

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