Home Remedies to Clean Your White Rug Efficiently

If you have white carpets, dirt and spots will be more visible on them. If you want to sustain the look of your carpets, you should have them vacuumed on a regular basis. It has happened to the best of us: a rowdy dinner guest spills red wine, your daughter accidentally drops gum, your son gets a bloody nose – it’s almost impossible to avoid getting stains on your carpet. It is best to take action as quick as possible, so that stain mark doesn’t get dried which will make difficult for professional to work on it. In the same way, if your white carpets are noticeably dirty, you should get them steam cleaned. For better results, having your carpets steam cleaned by professionals is a good idea. Below we have outlined a few methods to clean white carpets.

  • Blot spills as soon as they occur. Use a clean towel for blotting spills with ease. Next, you should rinse the stained areas using clean water. Once you have rinsed them, blot them with care.
  • Clean up water-soluble stains. This includes milk, dairy products, berries, latex paint, excrement, jelly, and gravy.
  • You should mix 1.25 ml white vinegar or non-bleach detergent with 960 ml of water.
  • Put this mixture into a clean bottle and start spraying on the dry stains.
  • Get a sponge for rubbing the area. Then dry using a few paper towels.
  • Clean other types of water-soluble stains. This includes stains from coffee, tea, wine, chocolate, blood, mustard, and vomit.
  • Mix 15ml of ammonia with 240ml of water. If you have a wool-blend carpet, you may want to try a mild detergent rather than ammonia.
  • Put the mixtures into a clean spray bottle and start spraying on the dry stains.
  • Get a sponge for rubbing the area. Now, use paper towels to blot the areas dry.
  • Remove oil or fat. Put a paper towel on the spills, heat up the iron and press the area with it. The heat of the iron will cause the spills to stick to your paper towel.
  • Clean up the glue. You should make a cotton ball and get it moistened with alcohol. Now rub the cotton ball on the area that has glue on it. Continue to rub the area until the glue is gone.
  • Clean gum or wax. First off, you should freeze the gum or wax using ice. Once you have frozen the area, you should hit it with a hard object to shatter it into pieces. Now, collect the shattered pieces of gum or wax with a vacuum and clean the area using a rag.
  • Remove urine stains

Combine white vinegar and water in equal ratio. Now, pour this mixture into a clean spray bottle. Lastly, blot the area.

Mix half a teaspoon of non-bleach detergent with 960ml of water. Put this solution into a clean spray bottle and begin spraying the area with it.

Use a sponge for rubbing the area. Use water for rinsing the area and then use a rag to dry the area. That is it.

These were some of the techniques that can be easily available to use it at home. But it is a white carpet so better not to take the risk and spoil it more. It is always advisable to call a professional rug cleaner who can assure you of cleaning the strain with the utmost care and safety. As I have kids who keep on crawling all around the house, it is my foremost duty to keep rugs and floor clean with 0% germs. As you know kids eat here and there and spill chocolate and snacks all around.

Always recommend to get in touch with the most trusted rug cleaning services provider in your nearby and let the professional do the job.

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