House Flipping Secrets: 3 Ways to Boost Curb Appeal This Winter

Flipping houses is no walk in the park. You’ll have to ensure that you can turn the property around to be sold, or nobody will buy. One way to do that is by boosting the property’s curb appeal. Read on to learn how to get it done.

If you’ve been into property sales, then your ears should be up these days. To boot, it’s a seller’s market. As the virus continues to haunt us, finding the right place to sleep and unwind has become elusive for many. There’s a lot of movement right now. Not only because people are finding it hard to come up with rent, but also because people want to be in a better place that’s safe from the virus. 

All that has only reinforced the market with more buyers and lesser properties available. Thus, if you want to make a quick buck, there may not be an easier way to do it than by flipping houses. 

Indeed, the real estate market is on the rise. With flippers making a killing — some taking home as much as $60,000 per flipped property. It’s beginning to look like the California Gold Rush with financiers eager to lend money to flippers to get things started.

One thing’s certain though. If you want to sell your flipped house, you need to attract the attention of buyers — and fast. While listing, it can be a good start, ultimately, it will all come down to curb appeal. Nothing can turn off a buyer effectively than a house that looks like a drug den from the outside, unattended and irreverent. 

Truth be told, you’ll have to ensure your flipped house shines from the outside. And as it’s fall season already and winter is coming, you will have to factor those house improvements in fast. Listed below are three essential things you can do to boost your property’s curb appeal before the snow falls by December. 

Fresh Paint

If don’t have much of a garden and your trees and greens are at a minimum, then you’re facing an uphill climb when it comes to curb appeal. It’s harder to conceal even the most minor of cosmetic issues when the landscape is bare. People can easily notice the property’s lackluster beauty from the outside. 

Thankfully, one of the fastest ways to make your flipped house shine like new is to ensure the paint is in good condition. The colors shouldn’t be faded and the paint should not appear chipped or peeling. 

Well, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get things going. Instead of painting the whole house, opt to paint the front door with stunning, bright color. That should draw the attention of passers-by and your prospect. Or you can just update the trim by deploying a fresh new paint. 

Do Yard Work

Nothing catches the eye better than a well-manicured lawn. All the green speaks of beauty that’s hard for your eyes to resist. The problem is with fall already set and winter knocking at our doors, getting an irresistible lawn into the equation can be a tall order. 

Well, you can focus your attention on other things in the meantime. For instance, rake up your front yard before the snow starts to fly. Also, take time to clean your driveway using pressure washers. And yes, that should also include your gutters. 

But it’s never too late to set your lawn up. You can always rely on sods to get an instant lawn in the mix. Getting access to a reliable sod supply should be wise on your part. Take note that the window is still wide for buyers to take a peek at. As weathermen predict, the first snow is bound to fall by December. An easy-to-install sod should be spot on to give you the instant head-turning lawn you need. 

Dress Things Up

You may not have as many options as you would in summer. But there are ways you can boost your curb appeal that’s called for by the season. To boot, you can deploy holiday decorations to catch those oohs and ahhs. For instance,  you can employ a wreath on your front door. Or you can also make the most of Christmas lights to jazz up your front lawn. 

While you’re at it, have a colorful mailbox installed. That should be a head-turner. Make sure you have the numbers on the mailbox big enough to stand out. Don’t overdo things though. You don’t want to turn off buyers by putting over-the-top features that trumpet the wrong message. 

Remember though that curb appeal is not the be-all-end-all aspect when selling your flipped house. It’s just a come-on. Ultimately, the property itself should be working. So before any buyer steps into your prepared property, ensure the whole set-up is working (e.g., kitchen, bathroom, lighting). 

If you did your homework and flipped the property right, selling it before winter should be easy. Your awesome curb appeal made sure of that. 

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