How having an organic garden can improve quality of life

Living a better and healthier life is only possible if the quality of your food is superior. Food is the essence of health because it fuels our body and makes us stronger in every aspect. If it weren’t for this fuel, we would be drowsy, sluggish, weak, and incompetent to handle daily life. Unfortunately, most available food today makes us feel that way. Only organic foods still have the beneficial and desired effects as they aren’t infused with numerous chemicals. You don’t have to spend a fortune on organic produce, though. You can easily grow your own organic garden and reap the benefits at home.

1. You’ll be saving money

Let’s face it, today’s cost of living is insane. From borderline necessities to simple luxuries, it can be overwhelming to live comfortably until your next paycheque. The majority of your earnings inevitably go on food. You can cut down these costs by starting your own vegetable garden. It’ll be hard in the beginning, but once you’ve learned the basics, you’ll be saving money in no time.

A good idea might be to start small and see how you like gardening. If it proves you’ve got green fingers, invest in all the proper equipment and start improving your life with an organic garden. Not only will you spend much less on food, but it will be completely organic and chemical-free. We all know how expensive those types of foods are at the market. It seems it’s impossible to live a truly healthy lifestyle on a low budget unless you take matters into your own hands.

2. You’ll be more active

Another less obvious benefit of growing your own food is the physical activity. It’s a lot of hard work milling about the garden and tending to each plant, meaning that it keeps you on your feet. In today’s society, we’re often guilty of not being active enough and neglecting our physical health with lack of exercise. After all, not everyone has the time or motivation to hit the gym. Some even find this activity too high intense.

That’s why having an organic garden is perfect. It’s low intensity, keeps you busy and active, and improves your health. The fact that you’re sweating means your body is having an easier time getting rid of toxins and processing stress. Let’s not forget that physical activity prompts the release of happy chemicals, making you an overall more positive and fitter person.

3. You get a tastier dish

Most fruits and veggies are painfully bland, don’t you think? Sure, they might look picture perfect but as soon as you bite into them you wish you’d never bought them in the first place. This is because of all the chemicals they’ve been infused with. Those chemicals make the produce look appetizing but kill everything tasty inside it. This isn’t really noticeable when you make a proper meal with a lot of seasoning out of what you’ve bought.

When you have an organic garden, no chemicals have spoilt your produce. This means all the vitamins have been preserved, making your next meal that much richer in taste. You might not like the outside appearance of your food, but it’s the inside that counts. This will teach you to enjoy food and open your taste buds to completely new experiences. Who knows, you might even end up liking some fruit or veggie that you used to hate, just because of the richer taste.

4. You know where the food comes from

One major issue with buying your groceries instead of growing them is that you have no idea where they came from. How many times have you seen reports of a diseased vegetable or fruit at the market? All you know is that the food was imported from somewhere- not where or how it was grown or even how it travelled to your local supermarket.

Growing your own organic food eliminates the risk of disease entirely. You can freely eat anything in your garden because you know how much time you’ve spent in your rubber boots with your gardening gloves on, making sure your produce is healthy and strong. This gives any gardener a peace of mind when it comes to making food for themselves, but more importantly, for their children. You’ll never have to worry about what your produce has gone through to get to your plate ever again.

5. You’re more eco-friendly

Up until now, we’ve mentioned how growing organic food is extremely beneficial for your health, but it’s important not to forget about the environment. When you’re growing your own food, you’re reducing the carbon footprint. The more people have an organic garden, the less need there is for huge corporations which just run our green Earth to the ground.

The whole point of gardening is getting to feel like one with nature. It reminds you why you should cherish the world around you, and allows you to start right at home. Taking care of a small piece of land soon transcends into something much more meaningful. Simply put, when you’re healthy and strong, you’re able to think about the world around you on a deeper level and do everything in your power to improve it as much as you improved your own life. When it comes to eating organic, perhaps you’ll feel there’s a certain debt you need to repay to Mother Earth for feeling this good.


In conclusion, having an organic garden will greatly improve your physical and mental health. The kind of fuel you ingest can really make a difference between feeling good and motivated to live each day to the fullest and feeling low and depressed. This is why you should put in the effort and grow your own garden. It’s especially beneficial to opt for this step if you’ve got children who need the vitamins to grow. Overall, your whole family will be the epitome of health under your green thumb.

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