How Often Should a Gas Central Heating System be Serviced

This is a question that newcomers to home ownership often ask, and the simple answer is at least once a year. That said, many UK homeowners are fearful of losing their heating in the cold winter months, so they have the boiler serviced before and after the winter, which ensures the system will perform as it should.

What Does a Central Heating System Service Entail?

Once the appointment is made, the heating engineer might ask you to turn on the heating half an hour before he arrives. This will allow him to check that all radiators are reaching the required temperature, and he will take a look at the boiler flame to see if the burn is clean. Then the heating is turned off and the engineer will remove the boiler’s outer casing to check the following:

  • The burner – Checking for wear and tear.
  • The Thermostat – Checking for accuracy.
  • The Flue – This must be clear of obstacles as it allows the toxic gases to escape.

If you are using certified boiler services in Ottery St Mary, the engineer will give you a full report, and should he feel that a component should be replaced, he would advise accordingly.

Pre-Winter Service

This is very important, as for the next 5 or 6 months, the system will be working almost non-stop to provide you with essential heating and hot water, and calling the engineer in September would be the right time to do this.

If, at any time, you think there is something wrong with your heating, don’t hesitate to call the heating engineer, who would visit as soon as he is able.

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