How People Keep their Households From the Mess and the Dirt

Now more than ever, people around the world have become aware of the importance of cleaning. Almost two years into the pandemic, people have started to care more about hygiene. This includes washing hands and keeping the surroundings clean. And since most people are stuck at home, they have come to observe how dirty and messy their houses are. People are now more aware of how viruses and bacteria work and how important it is to disinfect.

With this, the survey says people across the world are cleaning more during the pandemic than they did a year ago. According to the survey, Spain ranked first among nations that increased their house cleaning because of coronavirus. Spanish adult respondents said they spend 30 minutes and 30 seconds when cleaning. Next on the list are China, the U.S.A., Italy, and the United Kingdom.

Americans’ Cleaning Habits

Americans, though, have been cleaning a lot even before the pandemic. According to the American Cleaning Institute, in 2018, Americans spent an average of six hours every week cleaning households. At least 28% of them cleaned their homes every week for more than seven hours. Meanwhile, 26% cleaned per week for a total of four hours. A small percentage cleaned for less than an hour every week. The majority of them did lighter cleaning than deep cleaning.

The most typical cleaning activity in most households would probably be decluttering. You would take away all the mess. You’d throw or give away the things you don’t need anymore. And, you’d most likely let go of those that you haven’t used for years. Those that you will probably need at another time, you will have to keep in a cabinet or a storage box. You’d keep them anywhere, as long as you don’t see them with your naked eye.

The next top cleaning activity would be dusting. You sweep the floors. You wipe the dust and the dirt off surfaces like tables and windows. You use feather dusters, rags, and other wiping cleaners to make sure the dust is eliminated. This type of cleaning should be done every day and not just during general cleaning. Yet, because dust and dirt are not seen by the eye unless they form webs, some people take this for granted. Unfortunately, some develop an allergy to dust.

Next is vacuuming, where you focus on cleaning carpets, rugs, stairs, floors, couches, and mattresses. When you vacuum, you thoroughly clean and remove dirt, soil, and debris from these areas. It also eliminates foul odors on the surfaces. The secret here is to get a good vacuum that effectively filters dirt and soil. You need to vacuum at least once or twice a week if you have pets at home. This is to eliminate pet hair that sticks to sofas, beds, and clothes.

These may be the most common cleaning activities, especially during the pandemic. But, there are other parts of your home that you need to check and clean from time to time. Here are some cleaning tips that you might want to consider:

Inspect and clean your washer and dryer

According to a study, Americans more frequently do more laundry these days while we are on a pandemic. But, people often forget to check and maintain their washers and dryers. Washing machines would often stop draining or spinning. The pump may also be clogged with small items or debris. Meanwhile, dryer vents also get clogged with lint. To prevent this, bring them to repair shops, which provide cleaning services for dryer vents and washing machines. Regular cleaning will help you maintain your appliances, so you will be able to use them for a long period.

Have your air conditioning unit cleaned from time to time

This is important not only to save energy and money but also to keep your family healthy. Of course, you’d want the best quality of indoor air at home. If your air conditioning is not performing effectively, it might emit contaminated air. This puts your family at risk for asthma and other respiratory problems.

Aside from that, if your air filters are clogged, the flow of air will be affected. Your air-con will keep pumping for air, thus, increasing your energy consumption. This will, in turn, translate to higher electricity bills.

Decluttering and dusting are effective ways to keep your house clean. But, it is also important to check your appliances from time to time. Especially now that proper ventilation and good hygiene are very important, you might as well keep your washers, dryers, and air conditioning units well-maintained. At the end of the day, it is for the health and safety of your family.

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