How Sandblasting Could Increase Your Machinery’s Lifespan

Are you concerned about rust or wear on your machinery? Whether it’s your personal vehicle or your business’s commercial equipment, rust can be a substantial issue. The paint used on vehicles is usually designed to protect against rust, but you may have noticed that even the slightest scratch in the paintwork can result in rust forming. As work-site machinery is prone to sizable damage on a regular basis, it is no surprise that rust is a big problem for builders and mine owners in particular. Once it has taken hold, rust can lead to no end of problems, and exterior body damage is only the start. Also known as oxidisation, rust can further lead to damage of electronic systems and engine damage, so getting rid of it is serious business – especially if you rely on your machinery for your income. One of the best ways to rescue a rusting vehicle is to use sandblasting to clean the surface. This can prepare a vehicle for repainting, ultimately restoring it to almost good as new.

How Does Sandblasting Work?

When carrying out sandblasting, compressed air is used to propel the blasting material, in this case sand, at high pressure in order to remove rust and paint and prepare surfaces for recoating. When carried out properly, sandblasting is the most effective way to remove rust from metal and strip any damaged paintwork to prepare a vehicle for repainting. Sandblasting is also utilised to clean and smooth other surfaces, such as walls and building materials, so if you hire a mobile sandblaster for your site it can be useful for various different tasks whilst you’re at it. Although some people voice concerns over this method causing the metal to warp, if it is being carried out by professionals this shouldn’t be an issue. If you’re looking into mobile sandblasting in Perth, it is advisable that you go for a reputable and experienced provider to ensure you don’t face any of these issues.

What Causes Rust Anyway?

Unfortunately for vehicle owners, metal is a hotbed for rust to form. But why is this? In order to develop, rust requires an alloy that contains iron, such as steel, plus water, and oxygen. With metal being a key component of any vehicle, and water and air being uncontrollable factors in any natural environment, it’s easy to see why machinery is particularly prone to rust. Thankfully, Perth does not have a particularly humid climate, which means that covering your machinery can go some way towards protecting it from the effects of the weather. However, Perth’s proximity to the sea is bad news in terms of rust. As salt increases susceptibility to rust, if your vehicle is in proximity to the ocean then it is likely to be affected far more rapidly.

If you or your business are in possession of expensive machinery, it is advisable to do all you can to protect it from rust damage, and to treat it at the first sign of oxidisation to avoid any long term harm. Sandblasting is the most effective way of handling outbreaks of rust and ensuring the longevity of your equipment.

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