How to achieve a timeless design for your home

The difference between a timeless design and a design with fleeting relevance, is in the detail. Why is it that some homes look outdated while others look fresh and current as they age?  It could be quite expensive for you if must constantly update your interior.

Thus, how do you ensure that the design you choose is timeless?

You need a design that has a staying power

When you have a design that is timeless, it has staying power. This is a design that was never created temporarily for fun. Therefore, if you want your home to have this staying power, you should get a design, a style, and colors that are classic. A classic design is created to last, in style and in color and the materials used are high quality and hence, long-lasting.

Choose a classic design

Greek architecture is the point of reference here. Drawing from the Greek design, strong columns, stripes, busts, and statues take center stage. The design must complement such features. Whenever you are designing your interior or any other area, natural materials, such as wood, stones, bricks, and natural fibers, should be utilized.

Invest in genuine materials

If you want your home design; the furniture and all home accessories to remain relevant for generations, you should ensure that you use genuine, not counterfeit, materials. For instance, you should use wood instead of MDF; choose genuine leather and not an artificial option. Such an approach will ensure that your home looks fashionable all the time.

Stick to neutral shades

Anytime you want to choose a timeless design for your house, you should choose wall and furniture shades that are neutral and stick to that. These will also make your work easier and would not become obtrusive with time. A design professional like Asset Furniture will help you come up with a collection with an all-time interior.

Be bold in choosing your accessories

When choosing accessories, ensure that you get the ones that you can easily replace- readily available and less expensive. This would ensure that in case you want to spruce up your house, it is easy and affordable. You can change the drapes, rugs and other replaceable units that would give your home a new look.

Get the most functional solutions

Another way of choosing a design that would last for ages is choosing the most functional solutions. Again, if space is small, you may need to consider items with double functionally. You could get a coffee table with a provision for storing magazines and newspapers. This will help you save some functional room space.

Make the most out of lighting

The electrical wiring and the power outlets are both technicalities that must be considered when installing lighting. All these should be in place before you go shopping for home furniture or even the wall colors.  That is why you need to do proper planning before you lay the design.

Having a timeless design saves you money that you spend on routine maintenance. Again, your house will always look attractive and modern. To achieve this, you have to choose a professional designer like Asset furniture who offer a range of furniture and other timeless interior accessories and has the skill and the experience to give you the results that you want to live with. Click here to explore the range of products and services this fantastic company offer.

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