How to Get More from Your Fabric Sofa

The sofa in the living room, office, balcony or other space talks volumes about you. It demonstrates your sense of style and class. To make the living room even more enthralling, go for Vintage fabric sofa to bring back the allure of the past that will convert the living room into a paradise. But getting your vintage sofa is only one thing. You need to know how to get more from it.

How to take care of your fabric vintage sofa

Getting your sofa dotted with juice stains or grime can be unsightly and compromise the original purpose of the furniture. Every day, make sure to plum the cushions especially if they have a lot of fiber or fur. This helps to prevent permanent creases and extends the life of the fillings. Where possible, turn and regularly reverse the cushions so that the process of wearing and tearing can be equal.

Try as much as possible to keep the pets away from the sofa upholstery. You should also be careful to keep sharp objects that can tear the fabric away from the sofa. Such objects include watch straps, belt buckles, and toys.

  • If a snug occurs, cut the excess off and tuck the end to avoid the threads getting pulled off.
  • Make sure to use protective arm caps that provide an additional protective cover for the fabric sofa.
  • Vacuum the upholstery of the sofa Piccadilly Sofa lightly to clear off dust. This should be done while taking a lot of care to avoid damaging delicate braid and fringe details. If there are feather frills on the sofa, only use a light brush and not a vacuum cleaner.
  • On the sections of the vintage sofa that are designed with wood, only wipe with the dust and dirt with a damp cloth. Avoid using solvents that can damage the adjoining fabric or facings.

Understand your vintage sofa

Experts in interior designs recommend that fabric sofa owners understand their furniture for easier and better maintenance. By appreciating the nature of the sofa, its fabric, and mechanics, you will get prepared to address every caring issue that may arise.

  1. The Velvet and Chenille: These fabrics have a raised appearance that is soft and inviting. However, they are very soft and smooth to touch.
  2. Seeds and slubs: Most sofa fabrics out there have some slubs, linen or cotton with seeds. The effect is a unique home-spun appearance.
  3. Pilling: These are small bobbles that appear on the fabric surface. The pilings only come out after continued use and can be removed by ripping with scissors.

Protecting your vintage sofa fabric from soiling

The spills on your retro sofa can make it boring to the eyes and damage the mood of the living room. You should go for stain resist treatment that that helps to protect the sofa from spills and progressive soiling. If the sofa was not treated before delivery, you should get the treatment which will go a long way to increase the lifespan and value of the Sofa Scruffy Sofa.

When spills happen, make sure to mob the liquid with a clean cloth. If the stain does not come out completely, you can use a little white toilet soap to help loosen the stain and draw it out. Here, you should avoid the temptation of using soap and strong detergents.

Remember that when soiling or other dirt hits the fabric, the manufacturer’s instructions should be strictly followed to protect the fabric. The procedures help you to pick the right detergent, follow the correct procedure, and clear the dirt completely.

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