How To Prevent Moss And Algae Build-up

Moss and algae are different species of plants that can be found on rooftops. The two species have varying effects, but both can cause damage to roofs. They use wind as a means of seed dispersal. This makes the roof the perfect seedbed.

Effects of Moss and Algae


This is the most common occurrence on many roofs and usually is blue-green. It creates recognizable streaks on the roof surface. Algae is normally not harmful to the roof but causes discoloration and dark streaks that ruin the look of your roof.


Moss is more destructive compared to algae. The buildup of moss can cause roof shingles to lift up and wrap. This breaks the bonds that hold your shingles together, giving way to damage by water, heat and other natural elements. The asphalted under layers are also left unprotected, which can lead to damage to your home’s interior.

Choosing an Algae Resistant Roof

Some roofing solutions available in the market are algae-resistant for example metal roofing. Metal roofing does not allow mold and algae growth. My Home Solutions New Haven roofers offer algae-resistant roofing solutions

Removing Debris

This is also another easy way to take care of your roof. Debris may include fallen leaves and tree branches. However, you need to take caution because it’s easy to cause damage to your roof while removing debris. Getting New Haven roofing professionals to handle this for you is an easier and safer way of ensuring your roof is debris-free.

Sun and Dryness

Another easy way to eliminate mold and algae accumulated is by making sure your roof gets sun and stays as dry as possible. Moss and algae flourish wet conditions and the sun will help dry out your roof after rainstorms.

Moss accumulation can cause serious damage to your roof. If you are experiencing a moss or algae problem, contact My Home Solutions New Haven roof repair contractors to take care of your roof professionally.

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