How to Remove Stumps

There’s no feasible way to cut a tree down so that it is level with the ground. Every tree felling leaves a stump in its wake. A stump can be fairly short or fairly tall, depending on how it was cut down. The easiest and fastest way to remove a stump is by digging around it until the roots have become loosened enough that the stump can be pulled out of the ground. If that’s not possible, the stump will need to be ground down.

Why Is it Important?

Removing a stump is important for several reasons; if you have a stump on your property, you need to call Bristol tree surgeons to remove it.

  • As stumps rot, they become the homes of mushrooms and other pests. Pests such as termites love rotting, moist wood to make their homes. Removing a stump can help fight a pest problem.
  • Stumps are also tripping hazards that are very difficult to mow around. If you remove the stump, it will be much easier to mow your lawn or for your children to play in the garden.

How Are They Removed?

Removing a stump typically involves digging around the roots until the stump can be pulled out of the ground. If that’s not easy, then the stump will likely be ground down. The stump can be ground until it is flush with the rest of the lawn. You can then sod over it or just wait for the grass to grow back. The ground stump will actually serve as a fertile bed for new grass to grow.


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