How to Use Basic Design Principles to Decorate Your Home

Nobody wants to be surrounded by plain walls without a hint of some décor. Even people who don’t have the skills will try and put things together to add some taste to their homes. While we’ve got people who are decorators and designers by nature, most of us need to learn some basic decoration designs and principles that can make our homes look presentable. These techniques are so simple that even if you don’t have a decorator’s eye, you’ll be able to come up with a décor that matches that of a professional.

Here are decorating rules and principles that will see you transform your home into a beautiful place.

  1. Find The Focal Point Of Your Room

While most rooms may just have well built-in focal points, some rooms may need you to create a focal point by yourself. For the décor to be well-defined, you must always identify this part of the room. When you walk into a room, your eyes will naturally be drawn to this point, and that’s why everything around it should add some value. All the décor begins from this point, and this means that you must first identify it before beginning the decoration. For instance, a baby furniture strategically placed in your bedroom can be a focal point of the room if you have a baby. If you need one, you can get a baby furniture packages online  to design a focal point for your bedroom.

  1. Know Basic Measurement Rules

When it comes to arranging furniture or hanging your curtains, you should adhere to some measurement guidelines. While you could just use your eyes to approximate where to place different furniture, applying some measurements specifically for decoration will give your room a better look. Like there’s a specific distance you should maintain between coffee tables and sofas, hanging art and the floor, or even your TV and your sofas. Applying this will help you achieve some symmetry.

  1. The Rule Of Odd Numbers

Applying the rule of odd numbers as the base of your design creates a harmonized décor for your house. When objects are arranged in groups of odd numbers say three, five or even seven, they tend to look more appealing. The most commonly used odd number arrangement is the rule of three. It can be applied in getting flower vases organized on a table or even flower pots placed in a certain corner in the room. If you’ve got no idea how to arrange items in your room, you can follow this rule.

  1. Adding Different Layers Of Lighting

If you get it right with your lighting, then you’ll not struggle to decorate your room. To be sure of your lighting, you should learn the three basic types of lighting which are: ambient, task, and accent. Ambient generally lights the room, the task is meant to light a particular task, whereas the accent is meant to highlight a particular point. Having all these lightings proportionally placed in the room will give it a unique dimension. For better balancing, you can have ambient lighting in most of the rooms.

Designing your home isn’t only restricted to the interior; you can also work on your exterior design by getting the best garage door brands for your garage. Moreover, you can add some paint to your walls to give your home a fresh look.


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