Ideas for Choosing Bathroom Tiles

Bathrooms are usually very sensitive places and if they remain unkempt they can easily cause diseases. Furthermore, bathrooms are usually the second room most people will go to after waking up to wash and this therefore means that they should be pleasant, bright and airy. When it comes to choosing bathroom tiles, the good news is that you don’t have to be worried for there are many different types of tiles and they vary in terms of textures, patterns, sizes and shapes.

Ceramic tiles are some of the best for use in the bathroom as they are resistant to dampness, are safe to walk on, easy to maintain and are quite durable. When choosing ceramic tiles however, it is important that you go for the slip-resistant type as this will guarantee your safety. If you choose the unglazed kind of tiles, then you will need to be constantly maintaining them as they are known to absorb stains very quickly. Regardless of the chosen tiles you should always ensure that you have employed consistency when installing them, which is usually best left to the professionals.

As previously mentioned, tiles for the bathroom can be found in various shapes; for instance, you can get octagons, hexagons, squares and rectangles. The beauty of bathroom tiles does not only lie in their shape for there are also a range of other visual treatments that can be used to make the end product look beautiful. For instance, if you choose to go with a solid colour for your bathroom floor tiles, you can add different coloured tile borders, or you could even use different borders.

Another way of creating a good visual effect when working with bathroom tiles is to use a different size for the walls and the floor. You could also install the tiles diagonally to make the patterns more interesting. When choosing grout to use with the tiles, you should also use a grout that will contrast with the colour of the tiles. For instance, if you choose white tiles you should use yellow, red and blue tiles to create some contrast. Do not forget to apply sealers along the grout lines especially in areas with heavy traffic as they preserve and protect the grout colours.

Another good type of bathroom tile is the pebbled bathroom floor tile. These come in a variety of styles and textures and they are very swell suited to bathroom floors because they give your bathroom both a natural and a cool look. When combined with a mirrors, potted plants and chrome fixtures they make for an elegant bathroom that fits in well to any contemporary home. Another innovative idea are metal tiles which are normally made using brass, copper and bronze and finished in a range of brushed, silky and smooth effects.

There are also bathroom floor tiles that are made of stone and mosaic. While stone flooring might be very expensive, it is, of course, also very durable and will last much longer than normal ceramic tiles. Mosaic tiles on the other hand are made using pebbles, old tiles and glass which are known to add some colour and texture to bathrooms.

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