If Your Boiler Has Broken Down, You Are in for a Cold Shock!

forward to a hot shower, only to find that the water is stone cold! It’s a shock to the system, but after the initial cries of anguish have calmed down, it might be time to have your boiler looked over. There are associations to ensure you get the right engineer.

The Hot Heart of Your Home

The fact is that the boiler is the centre of every home in this country. It heats our water so that we can have hot showers and baths and provides us with heating through the winter months. The problem is that every boiler has a maximum lifespan and when it reaches this expiry date, every day beyond it is just a bonus! Inevitably, it will break down at some point and need replacing but knowing when this is going to happen is the key.

Here a question: when was the last time you had your boiler serviced? If you’ve never had it done, it’s high time that you called out a professional to provide a boiler service in Bath before you turn on the shower and are greeted with an icy deluge!

When Do You Call Out a Professional?

The truth is that when it comes to your boiler, it’s better to be safer than sorry. Tinkering with boilers should never be done by anyone other than a trained professional with plenty of experience. So, in the spirit of dealing with your boiler, here are just some of the signs that you should be on the lookout for:

  • Pilot Light: The pilot light is the spark that keeps the boiler working, but if it keeps on going out, there could be a more serious issue at play. If the pilot light on your boiler keeps on going out, it could be that a lousy thermocouple is to blame. It’s a problem that can indeed be fixed but should only be done by an expert who is Gas Safe qualified and experienced.
  • Turning Off: If you have no hot water or hot air, it could be that your boiler is turned off. This is not an uncommon problem but could be one of the following things: frozen pipes, a faulty thermostat, or a bad pump. Once more, it’s time to call out the experts to get them to assess it and come up with a solution.
  • Noise: All boilers generate some noise, but if you notice something unusual, there could be a more serious issue going on. Any banging, gurgling, or rumbling should always be investigated by a professional.
  • Water Leaks: When water is leaking from the boiler, it is never a good sign. It could be that there are some busted pipes in the unit or even corroded parts.

Your boiler does a heck of a lot of work year in and year out! Maybe it’s time to call out a professional to have your boiler serviced and gave it some tender loving care?

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