How to Make My French Doors Look Even More Beautiful

When you’re thinking of selecting different fittings for your French doors, understanding the difference between door types such as those that divide rooms, and the other ones which lead to outside will be of importance.

Thus, the addition of locks and bolts to the latter makes perfect sense, but not in the case of the former. You will also have to choose whether you like the lever or knob styles on the doors and which ones will perfectly complement the style of your home.

Traditional or Modern?

Shiny brass French door fittings commonly suit the traditional type of decors, whereas the modern designs are usually more enhanced by the likes of nickel or some other silver-toned metal.

  • The glossy silver-toned finished ones can indeed look striking, while those with a matte nickel finish provide a sense of coolness in any room where they are fitted.

Black fittings for French doors in Scotland are both striking and versatile with a number of different home interior designs. Bronze, white or antique-finished hardware can provide great visuals should you already have any antique furniture or any romantic/rustic style of home furnishings.

It’s All Down to Personal Taste

When you select a hardware finish, think about the colour of your doors and how much you would like for the metal fittings to stand out. Take for example, black fittings on some cool looking white French doors now that is going to be eye catching, right? Whereas with silver-toned fittings, they will be a little more conspicuous and subtle.

  • And if you wish for the fittings to perfectly blend in, simply go for the ones which are the very same colour as your French doors.

Knob, Lever or Cut Glass Design?

Regarding the design of your French door fittings, both knobs and levers work perfectly well as handles. Once again, your choice should be based on the look you wish for your home. There are also cut glass knob handles available for French doors, which do make them look classical and romantic.

 You will have to choose and you should check out the full range of available types. Customarily, knob designs suit the traditional kind of decors and the lever type handles are more applicable for modern homes, but you should choose what style you personally prefer to look best in your room(s).

Matters of Security on Doors That Lead Outside

If you have already or are going to purchase French doors that lead outdoors, like ones that go out to a cool looking patio or back door area, the addition of a security bolt with a keyed knob or lever will definitely be a good idea.

Consult with the people who will be fitting your doors and ask them on which type of door security is the most popular and why. They will have plenty of experience in everything from various door fittings to locks.

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