Important Factors To Consider When Picking The Right Safe For Your Business

If you are choosing a safe for your business, you have two options to choose from – burglar safe and fire safe. Well, burglar safe is designed and built to make it difficult for the thief to have access to the contents of the safe, while the fire safe, is also the best choice if you want to provide protections of your contents against fire, heat, and flames.

If you visit the San Antonio commercial locksmith website, you will find that they have a good inventory of safes to choose from that would be perfect for your business. But do you know how to pick the right safe? Now that you already have an idea of the types of safes that are available for you, there are factors to consider. Remember that there are plenty of manufacturers and you also have a wide range of factors to consider.

What is Your Commercial Safe For?

The very first step is to identify the reason why you need a safe for your business. The type of content that you have to put inside the safe would be the first factor that would determine the size of the safe that you need. There are safes that are designed to be small like those that you can place in a wall alcove.

There are also commercial safes that are designed to be placed on the floor. The drop safe on the other hand is where the employees can drop the envelopes or their money for added security. They tend to be larger than the other options. You probably also heard about the cash box or the cash safe. These are designed to accommodate the cash register drawers as well as money in other forms.

Determine The Size And Weight

When making a choice, you have to remember that the larger the safe, the more protection it can give the content inside it. However, you also have to consider the weight because the larger it is, the heavier it gets. This is why you need to consider your floor structure under the safe to make sure that it is strong enough to hold its weight.

You also have to remember that heavier safes will be very difficult to move. Some business owners like this because it would be difficult for thieves to carry the safe away during a break-in. However, there are other business owners who want a safe that is lightweight that they can carry with them in case of an emergency if they change locations.

The Type Of Protection

Like most companies, you too would need protection from fire and burglary. If you want to store your important papers and documents, then you need security from fire. Or maybe you want the safe to be a cash safe, then you need a burglar safe. You have to know what to prioritize when you are making a choice.

Whether you have a small or well-established business, you need to ensure that you have a safe, not only for the extra cash that you need for emergency purposes but also for your important documents. So you have to make sure that you know what to consider by following the tips above.

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