Is Your Garage Door a Security Weak Spot in Your Home

We use the humble garage for almost everything, including car storage, workshop, tool-shed, recreation room, man cave, spare bedroom, and nearly anything else that one can conceive of using it for. Most garages use roller shutters or large doors that need to be lifted up manually, with some effort. Given that many such garages are also attached to the main home through an interior door, old roller shutters and manually operated doors can actually be a bit of a security concern.

Why Install a Brand New Roller Shutter Door?

Whether you’re about to sell your home or looking to do some affordable renovations, new roller shutter doors from a reputable manufacturer and supplier can make a big difference. It is important to choose a roller shutter that is made of galvanised steel by a quality manufacturer so that it will last for many years and give good service.

A brand new set of galvanised roller shutters for your garage provide the following benefits:

  • Security: First and foremost, galvanised steel shutters are tough and secure. They can be locked and are more difficult for any would-be thief to break into. This can make a former weak point in the home a lot more secure, providing serious peace of mind.
  • Easy to use: Installing a set of roller shutters that are electrically powered means it is easy and convenient to open and close them with a remote control that is battery powered. Just imagine driving down the street and opening the roller shutters in preparation for parking the car for the nigh A motorised set of roller shutters is also a great idea for elderly or infirmed people who may struggle with the manual operation of such a door.
  • Visual: Of specific interest to those who are about to sell their home is the fact that a new set of gleaming steel roller shutters also increases sales value. Our garages are normally areas of the home that are just forgotten, so a new set of roller shutter is actually an affordable way to increase curb appeal and potentially increase buyer interest.

Where to Buy?

It is certainly possible to go to a local hardware retailer and choose a set of roller shutters from off the shelf. This is what many people do, but the problem with this approach is that retailers like this are not an all-in-one type of service.

Some roller shutter dealers do more than just retail them. They manufacture them and then sell them directly to the public. This means there is no middleman taking a cut of the profits, making it potentially cheaper than full retail price. It also means that a set of roller shutters can be manufactured to a custom design and set of measurements.

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