Is Your Painter Using a Low VOC Paint

When you notice a strong paint smell, it is because the substance is emitting volatile organic compounds. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can cause respiratory distress in some individuals. Therefore, they make the air less healthy to breathe. If you are using the services of a painter, make sure that he or she uses low VOC paints.

The Benefits Associated with Using Low VOC Paints

People are becoming more aware of the importance of using eco-friendly paint products. Low VOC paints are recommended by conscientious Wiltshire painters and decorators for the following reasons:

  • The paints emit a lower amount of toxins.
  • The formulation for low VOC paints is made with a water base. Because they are not made of a base of petroleum (as regular paint is), low VOC paints contain little, if any, formaldehyde. They also are not made up of heavy metals.
  • Low VOC paints are lower in cost than they were previously.
  • Low VOC paint products are comparable in quality to traditional paints.

A Great Paint to Use in Child-Friendly Environments

VOC paint formulations have improved as well. About a decade ago, you had to paint three coats of the paint on a wall instead of the two coats required today. The paints also are offered in a lot more colours. The application of the paints works out well in homes or institutions where children either study or live.

Once you find a paint that you like, you can proceed with choosing the colours for your living space and figuring the amount of paint you will need. If VOCs are a concern for you, make sure that the painter you use does not limit his or her offerings to traditional paints.

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