Maintaining a Clean House When You Own a Dog

Having a dog is like having a toddler. They make messes, bring mud inside, destroy furniture in the blink of an eye, and so much more. That said, it can be ten times more challenging to keep your house clean when you have a dog—especially if you have more than one. And no matter how well-behaved they are, your dog can still make your house dirty without doing anything (the shedding alone is a major problem).

If you are at your wit’s end about keeping the house clean or are just about to bring a dog into your home, here are several hacks on how you can reduce the frequency at which you have to clean your house:

Get rid of carpets

You won’t believe the amount of dirt, fur, bacteria, and just about any other nasty thing that ends up on your carpets—even if they are not that noticeable. If you want to make life easier with your pet—even if they are “non-shedding”—consider getting rid of your carpets so that you can spend less time cleaning your floors and avoid accumulating harmful bacteria.

Buy dog shoes

Like humans do with their shoes, dogs can bring a lot of dirt into the house after going outside. To avoid having to clean up muddy paw prints, invest in a pair of comfortable dog shoes that your pet can wear every time they go on a walk or do their business in the yard.

Cover or replace furniture

Unless your dog doesn’t have fur, they will leave their traces everywhere—especially on the furniture. The next thing you know, you’re covered in dog fur, too. Luckily, you can make cleaning up pet fur easier by covering your furniture with washable fabric or—better yet—replacing your furniture with pieces that are easier to clean (leather is an excellent option for many pet owners).

Clean your air ducts

People with dogs need to clean their air vents and air ducts more frequently than those without. The reason for this is because pet fur contributes a large number of pollutants to your duct system, which can reduce your indoor air quality and make you sick. Moreover, dirty air ducts and vents tend to increase the amount of dust in the air, which, in turn, can make it harder to clean your home.

That said, replace your air filters frequently—at least once every one or two months. Also, have an air duct cleaning service clear your ducts of debris every three to five years. But if you have more than one dog, you might want to have them cleaned more frequently.

Wipe your dog’s paws before they enter the house

Before you let your dog back inside the house, take the time to wipe their paws off with a cloth and pet-safe disinfectant. You can even place a doormat outside the door and train your pet to wipe their feet themselves. But even if you can’t teach them to do so, having them walk through a doormat before entering the house can already remove a significant amount of dirt from their paws.

Limit toys

You don’t need a truckload of toys to keep your dog entertained, and you certainly don’t want these toys scattered about the house. Buy a reasonably sized basket to keep your dog’s toys in. And if an additional toy won’t fit in the basket, don’t buy it.

Additionally, train your dog to clean up their toys after playing with them. It can be easy to teach them to do this, especially when they are young, so make an effort to do so as soon as they get settled into your house.

Place a tray under pet bowls

Even the most careful dogs can make a mess while eating or drinking. Make clean-up easier by placing a tray under pet bowls to catch bits of food and water that escapes your dog’s mouth.

Groom your dog regularly

Regular grooming helps keep your pet’s fur shiny and healthy. Cutting their nails regularly also helps avoid nail damage on your floors and furniture, while shaving their paw pads reduces the amount of dirt they track around the house.

In between grooming sessions, bathe your dog regularly and de-shed them outside. If you can do it yourself safely, cut their nails and shave down their paw pads and butt area for better hygiene.

Keeping the house clean while having a dog can feel like a full-time job. Nevertheless, you can make cleaning easier by using these hacks—all while creating a safer, healthier living space for both you and your beloved pet.

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